Tuesday, November 30, 2010

turntable tuesday.

over the next few days/week i'm officially starting some new features on the blog. i've been wanting to get a "real" feature schedule going for awhile and this is the perfect time!

turntable tuesday is the first that i'm rolling out. the inspiration for this feature was found via dust and grooves an awesome photoblog devoted to vinyl collections. the articles and interviews are great and i love seeing the huge collections from all over the country (and world!!) i was specifically inspired by this interview with pat from jersey city (our town!!) - in it he talks about a tradition where his dad would pull three records to play and discuss each thursday... joey and i thought this would be an smart tradition to start in our family as a way to really appreciate our collection and to pass down the musical education we inherited from our dads.

this past week we were able to pick up joe's dad's vinyl collection while we were in tampa. he kept them in great shape but they need a little tlc before we can play any of them. there are a ton of great ones that i can't wait to hear and share... i'm doing my best to resist the urge to dig out three for this week but i really want joey and i to go through them together and get them in play-ready condition.

so for this week i'm going to share three of my personal favorites to listen to at this time of year...

jethro tull: songs from the wood
probably my favorite jethro tull album... it always reminds me of winter, watching dad put up the tree while sipping a brandy, the warm fire, and helping mom get all the christmas decorations out. love the rich sound and ian anderson's voice is so haunting and perfect.

simon and garfunkel: bridge over troubled water
just a classic favorite. beautiful sounds to listen to curled up with cocoa and a giggly baby.

fleet foxes
so excited about this! i've been listening to fleet foxes since the album came out digitally but joey bought me the vinyl last week... it's my first brand spankin' new album i've ever had! i usually only buy used so it was so cool to be the first to open up and listen to this one. fleet foxes are one of our go to bands for soothing abby to sleep on cranky nights and she's been listening to them since she was in the womb. i know this is going to be a family favorite for a long long time.

i'm really excited about sharing this new feature each week and watching our vinyl collection grow as i do!


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can't wait to see your features!