Monday, February 21, 2011

catching up: some be-lated love.

happy president's day + happy belated valentine's day.
my apologies for the late wishes of love... we had a beautiful busy week and since joe had today off this weekend was our holiday time to be together. which means i finally have several minutes in a row to catch the blog up.

our valentines day was very quiet. joe was able to be home before abby's bedtime so we had a nice evening together. dinner and our favorite new thing... going to bed. we are such night owls so we are trying to resist the urge to stay up all night during the week, it's hard. we talk a lot.

mid-week i finished up my valentine's day banner. a closer look at it is coming. it's nice to have my new little corner decorated. especially after a week where keeping it clean was a challenge...

little miss spent her week practicing her crawling, helping mommy + daddy do laundry, playing with her new favorite toys (a pixar character set from grandma + grandpa), teething on everything, and generally being a cute goofball.

by thursday spring started teasing us. the sun shone and it was 70 on friday afternoon when we went into the city to see joe. it was nice to be across the hudson, we hadn't been over since just before christmas. so good to see abby enjoy the city in a whole new way... she was awake the whole trip and was smiling at people and looking all over the place. i'm setting us a full city activity schedule the moment the weather warms up for good...

it was so cold again by the weekend but it's been nice having joe home and the extra day today has been perfect. joe changed our tire this weekend, and we did a lot of grocery shopping...

little miss was beginning to get low on a few things so i went a little crazy with the produce. joe was such a trouper and went to several different stores with us to get the organics we needed to stock up on. blueberries, bananas, kiwi, avocado, mango (abby's most favorite), pears, sweet potato, plums, carrots, zucchini, papaya (on joe's insistence although it's not the prettiest papaya i've ever seen), and a gorgeous butternut squash. we bought tofu for her for the first time which will be an adventure for later this week.

today we woke up to snow! ugh. i love snow, and i even had a moment of happiness today when i thought we might be able to get abby into her snowsuit to enjoy what might be the last snow of the year, but it was just a dusting and enough to make everything wet, cold, and gross. so instead we get to enjoy a cozy day inside and hope that today was just winter's last hurrah.

well, i think that catches me up for a week of no blog time. to say i have a lot of pureeing to do this evening is an understatement so i'm off to the kitchen.

happy monday!

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Denise said...

It sounds like you had the perfect Valentine's Day. I hope you finished pureeing. That sounds delicious, healthy and a lot of work. Well worth it!