Tuesday, February 1, 2011

turntable tuesday: abby's collection

well things are quieting down with the little one for the night and although this is coming a bit later tonight than i had anticipated i'm excited to start sharing 'turntable tuesday' again. today abby and i listened to a few of her read-a-long records so i thought that this week i would share her vinyl collection!

a few of her records are mine from when i was younger. mostly the read-a-longs and some of the 45s (fraggle rock, donald duck stories, etc.).... and a few of them were gifts from a friend who was going to be passing them along in a garage sale (i was SO excited to get at them first!)

right now her favorite is the winnie the pooh record. she loves the title song, up down, and little black rain cloud when i sing them to her and when they play with the music she gets so excited. winnie has always been a favorite of mine too...

i really love the walt disney songs for bedtime. we played it for her a lot when she was a little little newborn and every once in awhile i'll put it on during her before bed bottle if she's not in the mood to listen to a book. it has some really great songs on it... la la lu from lady & the tramp, a dream is a wish your heart makes, and irish lullaby/too ra loo ra loo ra (for my good little irish catholic girl).

one of my favorite activities when i was younger was to play my read-a-longs on my sesame street big bird record player so i'm really looking forward to passing them onto her when she's at their reading level... i'm so happy they were kept in such great condition so that she can enjoy them and maybe even share them with her kids!



Kinsey said...

ummm loving that abby has her own vinyl collection...so fun. and just so ya know, i'm dedicating brianna's silent reading time (ie: my free time) to catching up on your blog :)

i had so much fun chatting with you last night! we should do it more often for sure...and the chat is now gone...phew :)

Valerie said...

How cool is this? I love the vintage graphics on these vinyl albums. I remember playing my little record collection on a tiny turntable back in the 70's. So great that you still listen to these!