Tuesday, February 22, 2011

turntable tuesday: fantasia

hello again.
so today i am in a big fantasia mood. and this might be a turntable tuesday cop out because while i do listen to the record, i really enjoy watching my fantasia 2000 dvd collection. it has the original fantasia along with fantasia 2000 and bonuses. i do cherish the fantasia album set i've been handed down from my parents and i adore what good shape the book is in...

i'm not sure is fantasia 2000 was recorded on vinyl or is available anywhere but it's for sure something i'd like to get if i can... although really my favorite from fantasia 2000 is the rhapsody in blue piece and i NEED to find a copy of that on vinyl asap. rhapsody in blue is probably my favorite orchestra piece of all time.

and i promise a deeper look into our collection next week... i think maybe it's time for joey to choose a few for me to share from his dad's records.