Sunday, October 21, 2007

catching up.

I've been a HORRIBLE blogger this past week. After my get-a-way to Daytona Beach with my mom and her Cracker Crash friends I needed an "extended" rest from things to re-connect with my hubby and figure out some life things (a.k.a. veg on the couch and over talk life!)

Last weekend was so much fun. I spent Saturday the 13th through Tuesday the 16th with my mom and her friends. They went to CKU Orlando and I met up with them for a fun Cracker Crash Crop at Jan's condo at Ponce Inlet (right down the beach from Daytona.) The beach was so beautiful and I took some portraits of all the ladies that turned out pretty great! (I'm biased but I think the ones of my momma and Jan are the cutest! LOL!)

One of the most exciting things for me during this trip was being able to see my mom and re-connect with her a bit AND scrap with her! I took some pics of her at the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and she looked amazing!

I DID get some scrapping done during the crop. I finished working with Scrapworks "Spellbound" Halloween line. The product spotlight is up in the AMM Forum and all of my projects are in the gallery. There are way too many photos to put up here! This is the door hanger I did but I also did a Fright Night Garland, a Treat Box & Card Set, and a few other cards.

There is a ton going on right now with us pushing back our move AGAIN, new projects and manufacturers, new things with AMM... new new new new. For now though I'm still playing catch up!

Have a great Sunday!



Denise Hallett said...

OMG...I'm famous now since I'm in your blog......

Angelbev said...

Mere, you did a great job with the pics!! Thank you for that. It was so fun having you there. I was amazed at how fast you did that beautiful garland!!! It takes real talent to do that! Congrats

Cracker Scraps said...

Wow! Me too! I made it onto the Art of Everyday Blog! You know the one with the famous new and rising star, Meredith Taylor! Yeah! It was a fun time and I'm veggin' too honey!

suzi finer said...

Looks like you had a blast...greetings from California!

Gabrielle Beck said...

Great photos!

Good to have ya back! I missed seeing your posts.