Sunday, October 7, 2007

McLuhan Update.

So when I talked to Joe about the Marshall McLuhan cards he reminded me that I DID know who he was. We have one of his books (or compiled articles) called The Mechanical Bride which is so cool. All about media advertising and propaganda, and the myths advertisers pushed in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

What I love about this book (besides the articles) are the ads throughout it. For instance... The TIME Magazine ad with the subtitle "A nose for news- and a stomach for whiskey." An ad which explains the real-life grittiness of the TIME reporter and why TIME is the nations no. 1 news magazine. Or the Clark Grave Vault Ad which shows a beautiful woman holding her hand out of her window as it rains which reads: "There's deep consolation ... serene through shower or heavy rain ... for those who know the casket of a dear one is protected against water in the ground by a Clark Metal Grave Vault."

Or what about this one:

Yes who knew that Lysol was originally used as a Feminine Hygiene product OR that lack of feminine hygiene was the "one intimate neglect that can engulf you in marital grief". Hmmm... Beware Ladies! Okay this is too weird NOT to quote (tell me that a man didn't write this ad) -

"Too Late, when love has gone, for a wife to plead that no one warned her of danger. Because a wise, considerate wife makes it her business to find out how to safeguard her daintiness in order to protect precious married love and happiness.

One of the soundest ways for a wife to keep married love in bloom is to achieve dainty allure by practicing effective feminine hygiene such as regular vaginal douches with reliable "Lysol"."

OMG. If more women only knew that the way to a happy marriage was regular douches with their KITCHEN CLEANER! Oh My! And if you mail in the little form you can get a FREE! Booklet of new information about feminine hygiene courtesy of Lysol. Amazing!

Marshall McLuhan COTD: Today I pulled the Jack of Diamonds which reads: "To the blind all things are sudden."


suzi finer said...

I prefer a Listerine douche (eek!)

Denise Hallett said...

I had no idea this was the original use for Lysol.....I'll never be able to look at a bottle of it the same way again. I think it's a bit harsh for that use.

chenguna said...

Wow that is about the grosses thing I have ever heard! Soo funny that it used to be a feminine product. Do you think it is still the same ingredients in the lysol that we use to clean the house now? I was cleaning my whole downstairs part of the house today and used Lysol and happen to pass by here today. So weird but I was cracking up. That is some funny info and gotta love those old adds! I guess next time I talk to someone having marital problems I will know what to ask " uh, are you douching at all?" hahahahah

Gabrielle Beck said...

WOW! I would love to take a look at this book! Amazing!

And umm....YUCK!

Gabrielle from AMM :)

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