Wednesday, October 10, 2007

LSS Vol. 2 Round 2

I finally finished and got my entry photographed for the 2nd Round of Last Scrapper Standing. I like it.

I always have good self-portrait days when I'm wearing my favorite shirt and my CHEAP aviators. I took a TON this afternoon because I knew I wanted to do a "photo booth" strip and this is my favorite I think of all of them....

Okay maybe this one actually (because I look like a badass)...

Okay maybe I'm being a little self-absorbed today! I rarely like the self-portraits I take of myself OR even ones that Joe takes of me. So when I played this morning and took these I was quite proud of myself! Also, I've had some major skin issues lately (mostly due to stress) and today was the first day I looked in the mirror and wasn't embarrassed (now if my skin will just chill out and be balanced for awhile!)

Okay enough about me.


He'll be back in the states (New Jersey actually) by 3:00pm so I'll get to hear his voice for the first time in 3 weeks. I'm so excited to have him back at home. I really need a vacation from these dogs. (Yes Roxy is a DOG now with the bad habits of a puppy!)

It will be so nice to have him here to split dog duty with me again so I have more uninterrupted time to work and so that I can have my sounding board back. It's so hard for me to create without him here. He is so visual and creative and is a huge help to me when I'm designing. Having my best friend back will be so great!

That's it for right now. I'm back to the kitchen to clean up and start my next project!

Marshall McLuhan COTD: Today I pulled the Queen of Clubs which reads: Hell hath no music like a woman playing second fiddle. (huh? anyone that can explain this one to me gets a cookie...)



Gabrielle Beck said...

Amazing LO as always!

Love the pics!

I can only imagine how excited you are to have the hubby home! Enjoy!

Gabrielle from AMM :)

Denise Hallett said...

Mere: McLuhan is referring to the fact that 2 women cannot live in the same home.....think about how it was when you lived with Joe's Mom....difficult, right?

Denise Hallett said...

BTW, I'll take chocolate chip