Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Let Go.

This is a HUGE lesson for me and one I'm constantly struggling with. I am always having to remind myself to just LET GO!

A teacher I once worked with said that any issue that lasted longer than 15 minutes was drama and created a negative emotional attachment. I have always loved my drama. 15 minutes! I'm lucky to get over something after 15 days!

Today my art journal entry is a reminder to just let go of my drama and use it to create. Let go of my anxiety issues, drop negative situations before they turn into drama, let go of my fears. It's not easy but it's a beautiful feeling to release an issue.

I can't even explain how happy I am to finally break into this art journal experience. Beginning my day with a short creative burst of energy helps me focus and get more done. Plus I am amazing at what comes from some paint, black duct tape, one quick photo in front of a sunny window, and a graphic image. For me the page I create in the morning has become a daily devotion that I constantly find myself looking at to refocus my energy. Amazing!

And check this out.... I'm now a card carrying member of the ART ARMY! YAY! I got notification that my books shipped as well so I should have them before the end of the week and I can't wait. I really suggest everyone check Linda & Karen out and the entire Art Army, there are so many inpirational wonderful things going on!

I still haven't gotten any pictures from Joseph. Last night he and his friends had an adventure in Groningen before sailing out today. It involved karting, Dutch pizza and beer, and a closed parking lot. Oops! Apparently the ship is ready and has changed flags. I'm told we may be traveling on the Gem in December which would be fantastic!

Oh, and today while I'm working I'm enjoying a whole day of the Fab 5. I am stoked for the new season! Anyone else ready and waiting for the return of the Fab 5?



Gabrielle Beck said...


What a great thing to journal about!


Gabrielle from AMM :)

Jen Sue Wild said...

I need to take the advice of letting go it's just so darn hard sometimes.

Denise Hallett said...

Mere.....your journal is coming along beautifully.

I'll miss my little Drama Queen ;)

Love, Mom

suzi finer said...

love your blog (linda gave me the tip...) linking you up as a fave!

Linda Woods said...

I love the Fab 5!
Life is boring without a little drama! I have a hard time letting things go, too. Your journal page is awesome!