Monday, November 19, 2007


On Friday I turned 25. I didn't really know what to blog about it so I didn't. Birthday's for the past few years have been a little weird. It seems since my 21st I've celebrated every birthday away from home and away from good friends. I really don't want to sound all "woe is me"... and I know that birthdays get less and less exciting as you grow up... but lately my birthday is a reminder of how far away I really am from a lot of the people I love. I know that's all going to change soon and all of my friends and family always call, send gifts, and just spend time to catch up on my birthday, but this year I just felt more comfortable letting my 25th birthday pass on by.

The past year has been really hard and full of so many lessons. It's been my first year married, my first year designing with responsibilities and goals, and the first year I have really sat down and tried to figure out who I am and what I want. My journey answering those questions is still continuing, but I really feel that 25 is going to be my "manifestation" year. So many things are going to happen in the first few months of this year for me and life is going to be turned upside down! Now that's what I'm talking about!

So that's all I'm saying about my birthday. I'm more excited about today, and tomorrow than sad about yesterday, so I think I'm in good shape!

But, we all deserve a little birthday portrait, so here I am with my little Roxy who turned 14 weeks on Friday when I celebrated my 25th!

I can't even tell you how HUGE she's getting and how much harder it is to take a picture of her now! I have about 30 failed attempts to take pictures with her this morning. I had Joey come in too to hold my place while I set up the exposure and looking through all of the mishaps is hilarious. He suggested I do a post about the "trials of the Taylor portrait" which I will when I have more time to weed through the mess that was this morning!

I also made a little "gummy bear" art this morning for my "Right Now." journal. I put together my 25 before 26 to do list and will be printing this baby out to add in there.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and productive Monday!


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Linda Woods said...

Happy Birthday! You are at the best age EVER! In a few years on another big birthday, you will look back and realize that birthdays really do get BETTER as you get older. I know, I know, I wouldn't have believed it either! It is true!
Your journal page and your new banner are too cool!