Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Solutions & Snapshots.

Today has been "mega"productive. I have gotten so much done, everywhere. I'm in the middle of a billion projects (one of which is packing up the entire house!) , and have finally gotten some things organized in my studio so that they are easy to pack up but still out where I can work more efficiently. I am really stoked on how it all turned out for such a quick fix!

These are all made from some jars that I've collected over the past year and the $1 KI Alpha's at JoAnns. I love these little alphas so I stock up when I head there and I thought they were an easy way to decorate my jars a bit.

When I wrap them and pack them I'm storing the jars & the supplies as one. Some of the pens have special spots in my crop bag; the inks, paints and stickles all fit in that brown box which is actually a Kentucky whiskey box that Joey collected. I love how it looks. I'm hoping by packing some of this stuff today I'll be saving space and be able to still use the stuff!

This is my quick fix for my rubon's and new stuff - like a clip-it idea I guess. While packing up some of our office supplies I found the cork board squares that were supposed to have been used to create a pegboard wall for Joey. He never used them because they were to thin - we got them as a temporary solution, not a big framing project. lol.

I took two and split them in half. Then I adhered the two halves to together to make two thick halves. I used a heavy double stick tape to adhere mine, but if I was doing it for a more permanent board I would have used something else. Then I used the removable adhesive that came with the cork boards to line up the strips under my calendar. Done.

I can now take it down easy and re-make it later.

So I was happy to have somethings cleaned up AND I had space to work! I did some office stuff and then started playing. These are just some SnapShots of what's currently "in-process"...

I wanted to get a layout going with some of the presents my Mom sent me for my birthday! I am in love with the Mellow line from BG. It's so gorgeous. Rich colors, warm layers, thick patterns. It's like your favorite sweater.

Then later this afternoon I got busy again with my current product spotlight for AMM. It's Inque Boutique and I love their stamps. I'm in the middle of doing a journal with them right now - coincidentally that's what I'm callin' it....

Now I'm off to finish my holiday cards and some other goodies that are being shipped out tomorrow. Thanksgiving moments away and I haven't planned how the little Taylor clan in going to celebrate it. I'm putting together an idea in my head so we'll see what happens!

What are you doing? I hope that everyone is happy and safe this Thanksgiving. I am so sad that I can't been home with my family & friends but I love them so much and am counting down the days until we can spend a TON time together for Christmas. Love you!



incognito said...

those are some great ideas!!
love the sneak peeks!!

Funky Finds said...

love your layouts! thanks for reading funky finds. :)