Thursday, November 15, 2007


My ITunes has been going through a bit of a rut lately - well why not, just about everything else in my life has been lately! LOL. I can joke now that I'm on a roll again.

So my playlist has been stuck on her...

and him...

with some of the later works of his.

Plus my usual Amy Winehouse, Poe, Etta James, and other randomness.

The "her" is Lily Allen, and the "him" is Pete Doherty. I've been on a little British kick lately, I think I'm secretly wishing we could move to London for a bit. Or at least have an extended holiday there.

But I'm wanting something NEW! Not new as in just released necessarily, just new to me would be good. Good music always inspires me and I can go for hours just playing while listening to a good randomized playlist.

Here are a few more of my favorites and PLEASE leave me some of yours!

*The Presets*

*Peter Bjorn and John*

In "other" news. I HAVE MY MOJO BACK! I am working on a mini book/art journal called {right now.} that totally has me flowing again. Thank goodness! And in starting it I've always started designing some new little goodies that I hope to finish today. I'm totally nervous to see if people love or hate them. Check back this weekend because I am finally going to post my FIRST GIVEAWAY EVAH!

{luv & hugs}


Kristi said...

My iPod has been rotating Lily Allen too, I adore her upbeat tempo with her smart ass lyrics.

Linda Woods said...

Brandi Carlile!!! Get her first cd, it is awesome. I am still not sick of it.