Friday, November 9, 2007

A Fresh Start.

Happy Friday!

So much has been going on the past week. Last time I blogged was before Halloween and Joe and I had just come down with pretty nasty colds. I ended up needing to go to the docs (ugh, never my favorite thing) but after getting some medicine I am now all back to my healthy self.

One thing being sick made me realize was just how badly we have been eating and taking care of our home. With the new puppy, gearing up for the move, and being sick I had really neglected my housekeeping! So, back to FlyLady to get things all ironed out again (even though I don't actually own an iron!)

It's finally cold here in SW Florida. Or at least cool. Mornings have been in the 40s/50s and we get up to about 77 during the day. I am longing for cold weather and run around in the morning happily yelling "sweater weather" to Joey.

So what's up with the fresh start? Well, we have decided finally that this month we are definitely moving. Out by December 1st! Joe had originally decided we would wait so that he could finish some projects but he now will have everything done in the next two weeks and then he wants to hit the road. Waiting until after the holidays just wasn't gonna happen!

I have also gotten really inspired - in the kitchen! Who would have thought it would take this long for a girl to learn how to really go grocery shopping? Well, I've been watching Rachel Ray and I'm not afraid to get in there and try new things now. I'm such a picky eater but I'm hoping that if I ease into new ingredients and make some new dishes myself I'll expand my palette a bit and be totally ready to shop in the fabulous fresh markets in NYC! Today Joey and I went shopping and I got a ton of fresh ingredients. Tonight I'm making RR's Can-Of-Beer Chicken that she made this week.

I'm still trying t clean up my studio and get my head together artisitcally. I've been really overwhelmed lately and lost some momentum. I've bought a ton of fun new stuff just for me so I'm hoping that once I clean up I'll be motivated to play a bit. I was sponsored by Dreamstreet this month and made this little decoration to send to my cousin for her new baby Ella...

I also did a Holiday Planner but for that check out A Million in the Product Spotlight Forum. All the girls on the DT have been doing amazing work so check them all out!

So that's my quick catch-up. I'm missing all my favorite blogs after being MIA online for the past week so I'll be making the rounds and sharing some fun inspiration again!



suzi finer said...

sweet sweet baby...

Gabrielle Beck said...

Glad to hear your back to feeling yourself again! Being sick really SUCKS!

I love the gift you made for lil's gorgeous!