Tuesday, February 2, 2010

almost done.

not with the pregnancy. oh no. i'm at 23 weeks and feeling fantastic but i'm not quite ready to be counting down the wait. still have a million things to do.

just a tiny bit of painting left to do in the nursery. then we can get the crib in there and really figure out what kind of good space i'm working with. i have several ideas of what i want to do for the furniture but i really just want to see the room with her bed in there.

like the color? it's really light and bright in the sun and really calming at night. i'm so glad we decided to do trim all bright white (which means we have to do the hallway because it's annoying me)... it's extra work because this place was only primed in this awful off/white that turned yellowish. but i think it's worth it if we are planning in staying here for at least another year, maybe two. ugh maybe more who knows.

i cannot wait to get the crib into this room. then i can start playing with the sheet sets i'm making and really see how the room comes to life. the experience of designing a nursery so far has been so strange for me. maybe this is the way it is, but i feel this great joy at the idea of creating a room that she will adore. i'm constantly wondering if what inspires me visually will inspire her as well. what colors would put her at ease at night and make her most cheerful in the morning. trying to see the room through her eyes. it's going to be amazing to discover things she likes, what toys excite her, what activities she's drawn to, and what colors and patterns she's attracted to.

i know i probably shouldn't but i'm giving myself the day off from painting the room to do some crafty things today. a bit of cleaning up. i mostly want to sit and scrapbook to be honest. i thought about an event earlier today and opened up some photos from the past 2 years that i really hadn't touched and just feel the urge to relive some good times.


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