Tuesday, February 9, 2010

big week (so far). big snow (coming soon)?

ahhh. i was doing so good blogging every day. oh well. i've been busy the past few days. i'll catch up tomorrow on my weekly gratitude and as soon as i can get to my scrapbooks i'll share the other pages i did last week.

we had a pretty crazy weekend. we basically decided to totally re-configure the entire apartment. my studio is now our bedroom. we are going to turn what was our bedroom back into a studio (so glad i never finished painting in here, lol). we finished painting the nursery so my little girl's room is totally ready for all of her furniture to arrive! i'm now working on re-designing some ikea storage since we have different needs now. i can't wait to get the new wardrobe for the bedroom. i finally feel like we are going to have a "grown-up" bedroom... separate from the rest of the apartment, that people don't have to walk through, isn't a lounge area for the dogs, and that we can keep the baby in with us at first! it definitely added a few projects i hadn't anticipated to my list but it will be fun. and i still have plenty of time before june 5th.

it's been snowing in most of the north but tomorrow the northeast gets ours... or so they say. it's supposed to start any minute. 12-18inches eek! so glad that my doc appointment was earlier today when it was still in the 40s.

ok that's my little catch up. i'll be 100% back in action once the studio gets set back up and my desk isn't so close to my comfy bed and comfy crystal pup...


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