Thursday, February 4, 2010

getting scrappy, simply.

been a long time since i just wanted to just sit and drown myself in paper and adhesive. but this week with the cold returning in a big way to the east and a general lack of motivation to do anything that requires standing up... and a still broken sewing machine :( all i've wanted to do is fill up my albums with every picture i took in 2008/2009 that i have yet to really touch.

i've also started using a different process to work on pages. i kinda stole it from miss kc. the days of me staring at a single page for hours wondering what it needs, waiting for that stroke of inspiration, is over, for now. i'm trying to work on several pages at once. figure out little bits at a time, see what really wants to go where, and then move on.

i'm also really enjoying staying simple. my favorite part of scrapbooking as always been titles & photos. my journaling often seems so forced to and not really what i love about my scrapbooks. i know i should be telling the story, etc. but i'm a visual person and i feel telling a story is a lot more than just dates and text.

so i'm enjoying scrapbooking again. scrapbooking for me and what i'd like to see in my own albums... and so far so good.

going to do a fun etsy post a bit later. working on my weekly gratitude as well. this month's prompt/inspiration is: soul!


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