Friday, March 2, 2012

designing a monster. wiggle monster.

wiggle monster.
size: approx. 16" from eyeballs to tentacle tips!
materials: Lion Brand
Vanna's Choice Baby - Little Boy Blue
Vanna's Choice - White + Black 

hi there! 

i wanted to share the first monster i originally sketched up for the Amigurumi: Design Your Own Monster  class on Craftsy. he's a take on the "ball monster" lesson where Stacey Trock teaches how to make spheres. 

i've been wanting design some fun sea creatures (i.e. squid, octopi, and the like) so besides working on spheres with this guy i tried to come up with a bunch of different tentacle options. i decided the best for my wiggle monster were long ruffle-like tentacles in double crochet... but i made up a few swatches for future projects! excited to see how they come out!



Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Really cute!

Nicky said...

he is SOO cute.

heather said...

Loving the wiggle monster...part monster, part jellyfish. My kids would love him!

Narwhal Love said...

Heee heee, that is adorable. I can see him hanging from a mobile.

Unknown said...

That is so adorable!!!

Unknown said...

I love the wiggle monster. He makes me think of a jelly fish. And the tentacles remind of stretched out slinkies.

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