Thursday, March 15, 2012

knit + crochet design week: stitching up!


it's Day 4 of Knit + Crochet Design Week and it's time to show our progress! i am really happy with how my 'puffy' fish is stitching up so far...

his lips are all done and turned out pretty much exactly how i wanted them to. unforuntately i spaced out about halfway through their construction and wrote nothing down after i joined the two lips. (i blame my husband who came home and distracted me with all of his talking and asking about the baby... haha.)

i went through a little bit of an issue with the yarn i was originally going to use for his eyes, but i'll talk more about that tomorrow... i was able to get them finished this afternoon and so the face is all ready to assemble tonight!

i also stitched up a trial spike. isn't it cute? i'm sure i won't think they are so cute once i'm attaching the 10th one or so. we'll see once the face and fins are stitched on how many i'll actually need.

so what is my plan going forward?

assemble the face
stitch up 2 flat side fins & attach
stitch up spikes & attach
stitch up back fin
stuff fish & back fin and assemble!

can't wait to go check out everyone's progress on their projects! 



Amy Clark said...

Looks like it's going well. I love those lips--so puffy and cute.

Stacey said...

Looking good!

Victoria said...

i am in love with the colours that you chose! and i definitely had a squeeee moment with the lips and eyes! :)

Anonymous said...

The lips are my favorite - definitely a fish to adore.

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