Thursday, June 14, 2007

*Fresh* Face of Morning

Last night's little get together with Lisa & Karen for Mary Kay facials was so much fun. AND it was so interesting to see the "new face" of Mary Kay. I literally hadn't been within 20ft. of a Mary Kay product since I was a little girl messing around in my grandma's make-up drawer!

I was so surprised at just how much I loved it all! I have really been struggling with my skin since moving down here to South Florida. I got through this horrible cycle each month where I have one week of great skin, then one of super oily skin, then the following week I break out, then it take a weeks to heal .... on and on and on. Well just after using their cleansing system ONCE I felt like I had taken five years off of my skin. AND their foundation is SO LIGHT!

Needless to say I learned so much about just the care of my skin. Didn't even really get into the make-up part, but I didn't care. I just want to be able to go out and not HAVE to use a heavy foundation that changes my whole complexion.

Anyway. I'm so excited to get a BIG party together soon. I have one set for July 11th and I'm hoping that gives me enough time to get a bunch of girls together. I was a little bummed because since we just did it with me and Lisa there was no time for me to stand back and take pictures. But this morning my face was feeling fresh and my spirits were high so I thought I'd take a little self picture just to say HELLO & HAPPY Thursday!

Tonight Joey and I heading to Wahoo's with some friends. I loved going their last week so I'm hoping this week is just as fun. I love to dance and it seems like I haven't on a regular basis since we moved here! I'm working on Jenni Bowlin today so hopefully I will have a couple of Layouts up later!

Wow - I'm quite the chatty cathy today! See what a little pampering can do for a girl!


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Denise said...

You look beautiful, girl!!!!!!