Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More Love. Elsie

So I finished two more LO's with this month's A Million Memories kit. Check out my gallery on *A Million Memories* or 2Peas to see the descriptions. I still have a TON left over but for now I have to move on and get to work on the manufacturer kits I have received so far this month! I'm stoked to start working with them ... I got the new Around the Block, Jenni Bowlin, and BRAND SPANKIN' NEW Daisy D's!

Crystal Therapy is my "Scrapbooking the Secret" LO. I missed last week and was totally bummed but I'm glad I was able to get this week's in. It's also my first 6x12 which I LOVED doing.

The prompt for "Scarpbooking the Secret" was to journal and scrap about your positive Thoughts Trigger which is 100% my pup. Crystal can always sense immediately when I'm sad or angry and forces her way onto my lap to try to cheer me up. And it's not just me either ... last night MIL was over and DH & her were having a bit of a emotional comversation. Crystal went right up to her and start pawing at her leg to get her to pay attention to her - those eyes just say "Everything is perfect in my world - don't be upset!" I love my little Love Therapist!

I'm getting the photography itch again b/c it seems like I've take NO pictures for a long time. I may have to remedy that and get a few set up today. I'm having a few girls over to get FREE MaryKay facials so that should be fun and a great photo opp!

Have a Happy Wednesday!


Jill said...

Great layouts!!! I love the colors & outlining on the top one!!!!!!!!!!!

Denise said...

Wow, girl, you are rocking this kit.........great work.