Monday, April 23, 2012

3KCBWDAY1: Inspired by Color


today is Day 1 of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week and it's all about color...

i absolutely love color. brights, dusty pastels, deep mustards and purples, earthy colors, every shade of grey (grey is totally a color in my mind even if it isn't exactly on the wheel)...

a lot of my crocheting involves amigurumi that tends to take me in a pretty clear color direction, but i also love to do blankets and other projects that allow me to branch out and put some of my favorite colors together. 

looking at my stash today i did see some serious themes... i have a LOT of blue. all over the place. blues ranging from dark navy to an icy blue called "igloo", with lots of aqua in between. i'm also a sucker for mustard and dark yellows (but my closet could have told you that too).

i lack some true greens (a color i seem to always struggle with)... but i'm hoping that a few trips to the local yarn stores in the area will fix that.

i'm always inspired by color and color boards so i thought i'd share some of my favorite resources for interesting color combos. i pin lots and lots of color boards onto pinterest so that when i want to start a project but have no idea which way to go color-wise i can sneak over and see what jumps out at me.

design-seeds is my number 1 favorite color blog. if you have spent any time on pinterest i'm sure you have seen some of their color boards. they are gorgeous and so well done and the combos are amazing! succulent color is probably my latest favorite board and i have already printed it for my yarn notebook when i go to the store next. i really want to make something for my bedroom inspired by this one.

The Perfect Palette is a wedding inspiration blog that pulls together gorgeous color combos. i won't be planning another wedding for awhile but i still like to pin some of their palettes that i think would look great in a project - like this coral, peach, & lemon palette they posted today, i think it would make such a lovely spring ripple throw or baby dress.

another amazing color blog... Lauren (the blog's writer) pulls the most beautifully designed fashion, interior design, and art shots and summarizes the color story. again, some of the palettes are so subtle and i think many of them would translate beautifully into knitted or crocheted pieces.

so that's where i get inspired by color on the internet! if you have someplace you like to gather color inspiration please share! if you have color boards you've pinned i'd love for you to share your pin boards with me as well... just post a link in the comments. you can never have too much color!

i can't wait to start checking out all of the participants of the 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week and hope to get to everyone this evening... i'm a little late posting today. i will do my best to remedy that with tomorrow's post but this nasty eastern spring weather has little miss and i combatting cabin fever so my hands have been pretty full.

confused by the weird jumble of letters in my post title? each day of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week has a unique code that you can use to search google or your preferred search engine (or even twitter hastags) to find all of the posts by people participating throughout the week. today's code is: 3KCBWDAY1.  be sure to check them out because everyone is so talented!

for now i'm off to do some mindless work on my baby's first ripple. i'm giving myself the evening off of designing because i hit a wall and am exhausted after the weekend and the rain. hopefully tomorrow i'll have this cloud out of my head and will be able to get more done!



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