Monday, April 2, 2012

a good start.

sunday was our monday so i already feel ahead for the week. love that.

this weekend was a 50/50 work weekend for my joe and it ran so smooth. weekends without 100% daddy can be rough, especially when they are laundry, packing for a trip, rainy cold weather weekends. but really it was such a nice weekend... little miss + joe spent all saturday together soaking in lots of bestie time before our trip to grandma + grandpa's... i spent saturday at a surprisingly empty laundromat getting some quiet knitting time to work on the never-ending shrug.

when i got home my Lacis Yarn Ball Winder was waiting for me! little miss + i thoroughly enjoy this new toy of ours. if you would like to check out the winder in action Stacey Trock of FreshStitches did a review and video here of the Lacis winder and there are several youtube videos you can search for.

i really love the winder. i desperately needed one to keep up with all of the half used skeins and new hanks that were starting to pile up on my shelves. the cakes are easy to stack and so pretty. the winder takes a little getting used to but once you are "one" with the machine you get into a groove and before you know it you are trying to justify winding whole unused skeins... or maybe that's just me.

the rest of my saturday/sunday was spent packing for our trip and planning out the week's to do lists. i put together a plan for an easter outfit for little miss (more on that coming soon!!) and to fill a spring sweater void in her wardrobe i decided to get to work on this...

this is the Flutter Baby Top.  i'm using Martha Stewart Crafts (Lion Brand) Merino in Pewter. it's the perfect light silvery spring gray.  i have it in my mind to also knit her up a quick One-Piece Baby Pullover before easter morning so she doesn't have to wear a big jacket while looking for eggs outside. yes, i'm preparing for the usual freezing easter weather common to northwest indiana. as my mentor edna mode always says... luck favors the prepared.

so what are my crazy plans for the half-week before our trip?

finish packing checked bags (tonight!)
kit up easter craft projects (sharing soon!)
finish flutter shrug
spring dress to easter skirt restyle
airplane survival bag

so what are your plans for the week? anyone else doing any traveling for the holiday? 

my easter inspiration post is coming up tonight after i get further in the packing process. for now i have the rest of naptime to keep hooking!



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