Wednesday, April 4, 2012

sweet + simple easter inspiration.

hello from northwest indiana!

little miss + i got here safe and sound and have hit the ground running, well at least she has, ha. she's LOVES all the space at grandma and grandpas house to run and all the fun breakables to touch and carry around.

i don't have any projects going at the moment but i'll be starting a couple tonight... so instead of sharing wips this evening i thought i'd share some of the inspiration i've gathered for this weekend's crafty easter goodness.

all of the following were found via pinterest or my bloglovin feed... if you'd like to follow my pin boards you can find them here!

so let's start looking at some pretty things...

this is the cutest paint chip garland i've seen. love the printables too. simple modern look. perfect.

so sweet. i'm planning on making these for my mom and sister (shhh...)

these are really the sweetest little barrettes i've seen. oh my they are cute... the little ears, tail, and bow tie. i was planning on making a few for little miss to wear to mass but instead i made a little one from the restyle of her spring dress which i'll share later. these will get made for next year though!

i haven't decided which of these little bunny puppets will show up easter morning for little miss but i really love both projects. those little squinty faces on the hand puppets are so cute.

and if you didn't notice i LOVE the easter projects this year form purl bee sooo much... so here is another!

so simple but really beautiful. i was originally planning on making one of these for little miss but today i totally caved and bought a tin easter basket/bucket that i think will be a little easier for little miss to handle and toss eggs into. these will for sure be showing up one year soon though. they would be so cute with a longer handle too to make more of a satchel that could be slung across the body while searching for goodies left behind by the easter bunny!

i don't think we'll be coloring eggs this year... probably next year. i don't like hard boiled eggs, i'm pretty sure no one in my family actually does and little miss is a little young to be playing in dye. but these beauties are something i could totally get behind! they are plastic eggs covered in baker's twine. really simple tutorial and i think they are so pretty. 

so that's a little bit of the inspiration i've gathered for this easter. i'm looking forward to finishing up a few more projects for my little miss... i cannot wait for easter morning and her first egg hunt!

tomorrow i'll be sharing my spring dress to easter skirt restyle!

for now i'm off to enjoy some baseball opening day with my fam while little miss builds her towers and terrorizes the cat. 



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