Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3KCBWDAY2: a "little" help (photography challenge)

remember the elves and the shoemaker? wouldn't it be nice if we laid out our work for the next morning only to awaken to completed projects and a clean workspace? 

i think so. especially this week! what a couple of crazy days we have had.

no i haven't had to run a ton of errands, there have been no doctor's appointments or trips to prepare for... quite the opposite. we have been cooped up in the house since saturday afternoon (due to rain, rain, and more rain. oh, the cold too.) and for those of you with an athletic independent high energy toddler on your hands you can feel my pain. what makes matters worse is that the man's work schedule has heated up again... sunday was his only day off and i'm told not to stay up for him for the next 5 (well now 4 i guess) days. i still will.

by last night i was pretty spent. (don't even ask me about today... it was laundromat day, ugh. i may be typing this in my sleep.) i decided not to put pressure on myself to finish up any of the new designs i've been working on and snuggled in bed with my Baby's First Ripple Blanket. it's a pretty mindless pattern, which is exactly what i needed.

of course the first thing i had to do was start a new ball of yarn. when i reached in for the center pull what i got was a big mess... lovely. and i was too darn tired to fight with it. don't worry, i kept working. it was a single line stripe so i was able to use a smaller ball from a previous stripe and i just set the mess aside (read: stuffed into my project bag angrily).

today i was feeling less bitter about the mess and happy that the sun was out for 90% of the day so i decided to enlist some help and tackle the knot! 

what a sweet little guy right? he took his afternoon out from playing with little miss to help me get this jumble straightened out. he dove right in to find the end...

separated out the large clumps...

and even took care of the little tight knots for me!

when we were done i winded it all up and we cheered a job well done!

now if only i could teach him to crochet while i take a nap.

don't forget to check out the rest of the photography challenge participants by searching for the code 3KCBWDAY2. there are so many great photos out there! i'm off to clean up the crazy toy explosion little miss set off today after we got home from our LONG morning at the laundromat. they don't make lego men big enough to help me tackle that mess... or do they?



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