Tuesday, September 25, 2007

House of One...

Well, as of this afternoon my hubby is on his way across the pond to meet NCL's new "It" girl the Norwegian Gem in Emshaven, Holland. He has a long journey over there - I dropped him off for a 1 O'Clock flight and he won't get settled or really anywhere near the ship until tomorrow afternoon. I'm pretty bummed that I don't get to go with him this time. He's working as a cameraman getting footage for their marketing company in Texas, if it was a JWT Media shoot I'd be there.

Joe and I haven't been apart for this long since quitting full-time ship life. It's hard having to give up my best friend for two weeks and it will be even harder to get used to sleeping alone again for awhile. But at least I have my puppies and he promised to give me a call as soon as he can (thank god for Jason and his international phone!) I'll probably be getting some pictures too right away so t least everyone will be able to see some behind the scenes cruisin' goodness. (BTW I told him he was in BIG trouble if he did anything seriously fun without me! LOL!)

So what are my plans for the next few weeks. Work Work Work! Design Design Design! Pack Pack Pack! Yup I have a crazy amount of projects that I've been wanting to work on and finish up. For one I need to get going tonight on the challenge for Last Scrapper Standing Vol. 2, although I haven't heard back from the girls to know that I got registered in time! It's a cool challenge anyway and I'm ready for a late night of scrapping watching LA Ink!

I have a bit of cool news! First off the Dudettes over at Dude Designs loved the work our AMM DT did with their products and put my designs up in their idea gallery: check them out! They have Dedra Long's work up (our newest AMM Designer) and Emily's should be up soon too. They also want to send us some more goodies to play with so I can't wait to get them!

I have also had a project of mine picked up to be published for the first time ever! YAY! It was a big goal of mine to get published this year and I'm so stoked! (One of my To Do B4 25!) Memory Makers picked up my South America Photo Journal for their March/April 2008 issue! I was really hoping that my SA Journal would get picked up by someone. Not only is it filled with my favorite photos from my trip around South America but it was made with green (recycled) supplies. And going (more) green is totally one of my other big goals this year!

I think that's all of my news... I sent off my project to C&T Publishing today. I'm not sure when I'm "allowed" to post a few pics of it or even if I'm supposed to let anyone know what the new product is but lets just say it was a very BIG project for me! I'm hoping they will like what I did with it and that they will invite me to design more with their awesome Ready-To-Go books!

So that's it. I know this was a long boring blog post today with no fun pictures. Maybe me and the girls will go out a bit tomorrow and have some photog fun.

Oh one other thing - I'm about to start designing some really cool kits for AMM. I really hope everyone likes them when they are released. Keep a lookout!

okay I shut up now.


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Gabrielle Beck said...

I know how hard it is when your honey is away. Hang in there and stay busy!

I would love to see new pics of Roxy, she is probably changing and growing everyday. :)

Can't wait to see the kits you put together for AMM!

Gabrielle from AMM