Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's a HOT HOT HOT Thursday....

Well it's about 12:30pm here in Naples, FL and it's about 87 degrees. They say it's only going to be about 90 today but it already feels like I'm living on the sun! Unfortunately there is zero chance of rain today so it's going to be a scorcher all day.

I took the dogs out a minute ago and after a quick potty Roxy ran to her favorite spot under the car to keep cool while Crystal ran around in the lot next door. Even under the car she was more than happy to pose for me!

She is so funny. Crystal used to let me take pictures of her but I really can't get her to let me anymore unless I "sneak up" on her. If I pull out the camera and she's paying attention to me she either gives me this horrible "Mom, I hate this" look (yes dogs can give you those) or she runs away upstairs to sleep on the bed and chew one of the million bones she has stashed. But not Roxy ... she loves it, runs around me while I take the pics, and then charges the camera to give it a big sloppy kiss!

I have made the decision that today is going to be a fun productive day! I'm going to pamper myself a bit and then get to work on a PageFrames album that has just needs to get done already. (I think I've been secretly afraid to touch it for fear of it not turning out how I imagine it.)

Also .....

The Office is back tonight!

I can't wait to watch tonight. This show is so hilarious. I love Steve Carell and loved him on The Daily Show. The cast is just amazing and the writing genius. I am so stoked that the new season is beginning again (don't worry Joe I'll tape it so we can watch it again together when you come home and we'll catch up!) I found these computer wallpapers online and thought they were so perfect.

I have a ton more that I want to share today but I want to do it a bit later after I've gotten full permission to post some amazing work and inspiration from one of my favorite artists!

Until then... Happy Thursday!



Lori Gentile said...

The dog is so sweet! I've never seen the office, but I love SC. He was so funny on the daily show.

Denise Hallett said...

Sweetie: That's so cool...that Jim wallpaper is my desktop!!!!

Roxy is quite the ham for the camers, isn't shee...that little cross legged pose is just adorable.


Funky Finds said...

i canNOT wait for the office!