Saturday, September 22, 2007

Where did Saturday go?

Well it's about 6:00pm on Saturday evening and I can't believe how quickly the day has flown by. I wish I could say that time flew because I was having fun, but really it flew because we ran around in traffic all afternoon!

Today I had to go pick up some things from JoAnns and some doggy treats at PetCo. Then we went over to see Joe's Mom because we won't be able to see her before Joe leaves on Tuesday.

Yes, Joe will be traveling overseas on Tuesday and leaving me all by my lonesome for about 2 weeks. He's doing some work for NCL on their new ship The Gem. I'm so jealous that I can't go this time. But I have a lot of work, packing, and puppies to take care of. Also it will give me a chance to get a few girl's nights out!

So with the hours left of my Saturday I have to get kicking on this BIG (and I mean LARGE) project for C&T Publishing. I can't wait to see how it will turn out. Oh, check out those red earrings - $1.50 at Target. They weren't even in the clearance section (but I guess they should have been)! That was a hot surprise at check-out!



Amy Solovay said...

Your eyes are stunning!
Lovin' the earrings ~ so fun!
Good luck with your project. I hope all will go smoothly.

Denise Hallett said...

I guess I didn't realize Joe was going out of the country.....hope he has a good trip....give him our love

Gabrielle Beck said...

Don't you LOVE to find out when checking out that you actually got something for WAY cheaper then you thought? I remember last xmas I HAD to get these adorable sock monkey PJ's for my girls...$19.99 each...when I checked out of good ol' Target...they rang up $4.98. WOOOHOOO! I was so excited! LOL

Anyway...good luck on your project! Hopefully we can start some challenges soon!

Gabrielle from AMM