Monday, September 3, 2007

Long Time No Blog!

Well things have been crazy in the Taylor home. We had our Moving Sale this weekend. I was so busy I didn't even remember to post it here! Saturday went really well. We made some good money right away and were still selling up until 3pm when we were scheduled to stop. Sunday wasn't good AT ALL! We got a few browsers but didn't sell anything. I was happy with Saturday though so on to Ebay for the rest of the stuff!

I have actually started selling some things on ebay. Check them out here. Right now I only have two printers and some speakers up, the fun stuff will hopefully all be added by this week. I'm cleaning out my ScrapStash so be sure to keep looking!

I'm so glad the actual sale and everything is over. We did have so much fun though being outside all weekend, playing with our little Crystal, and just relaxing. Joe was such a huge help to me and this weekend really allowed us to stop, and do something together. It was a fun way to forget about the stress of moving and just reconnect.

Sorry no pics this post - I'm going to post up my September Projects with the A Million Memories Kit in just a few minutes!

Happy Labor Day!

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