Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A New Little *Surprise*

Meet Roxy!

This is our new little baby that we found today and let me tell you she is a BIG surprise! We weren't really looking for dogs (especially with a move to the city coming up) but I happened to stop into our local stamp shop The Wicked Stamper and Kim (the owner) was giving away puppies that were born in her neighborhood. It's a really long story how she came to take care of this little family so I'll save it for a layout about this little sweetie.

Like I said we really weren't looking for another dog but knew we wanted one eventually. Crystal has been wanting a friend for months (her favorite road trip is over to our friend's to play with their dogs while we all play poker!) We had Crystal with us to go to Petsmart for a manicure so when she gave us the approval of the little chunky pup and Joe fell for her what was I to do!?!

This little girl is a German Shepherd / Husky Mix and has the cutest smokey blue eyes I've ever seen. We named her Roxy and now she's a Taylor Pup! I've been doing my best getting the house puppy proofed and chaperoning Crystal and Roxy. Crystal doesn't quite understand that she's more fragile than her other friends but once Roxy gets used to the place I think she'll give Crystal a run for her money! She's only 5 weeks but is weened and has been eating well already. (She's a porker right now!) She has been sleeping off and on since we got her home so thankfully right now she's pretty easy to handle.

Now i"m off to finish up some more designing before the two dogs wake up again. I'll have info about her soon and some better pics too. I'm a little overwhelmed right now! It's shaping up to be a very busy week - but so full of love!



Denise Hallett said...

She is a doll.....I'm glad Crystal likes her. Welcome, new grand-pup!!

XO Mom

Amy Solovay said...

Oh, The CUTENESS!!! What a sweet little puppy face. I don't blame you for taking her home ~ who could resist such a cutie?

Musicmom-Amy said...

What a cutie Mere! Too difficult to pass up. We miss you over at SJ! Sounds like things are going great for you both.