Saturday, March 12, 2011

busy little miss.

joey went into work today so little miss and i had a quiet saturday to ourselves (although we REALLY missed having daddy home...) i should have been working on the four layouts i have started on my table but instead i got consumed in a new photo technique i learned at selfie magic.

i think it looks pretty good for my first one... and by the end i just really didn't care about the imperfections i kept seeing. taking these shots of abby really made me want to go out and get a new tripod (ours broke a long time ago and i didn't feel like replacing it right away)... i didn't take them exactly the same way each time so making sure the wood floor lined up right was a bit of a challenge. i had some lighting issues too when roxy decided she didn't want to look out the window anymore... i have some great shots of roxy and abby while abby was playing her piano but i just couldn't make it work into this project, maybe i'll do another one later with a few of abby's other adventures around the living room this afternoon.

oh, and don't mind the grey swatch on the wall by the window... i still haven't decided what color i want the living room to be... i'm sure i'll pick one as we are packing to move to our next place, haha.

for the rest of the evening i'm planning to work on some layouts. i gave up on finishing my daily december for now because i have a greater desire to keep getting through all of abby's photos so far and break into my studio calico kits. into the woods came yesterday and i am itching to work with it... but for some reason i can't when i know i have 3 older kits sitting there untouched. ocd.

i'm really looking forward to having joe home tomorrow. we have a super busy day... church, laundry, grocery shopping, getting a new tire, maybe a little mall time... i'm hoping we can get it all done without too much crankiness.



Jessica said...

I'm the same way with older kits. I have to use them at least once before I start the new one. I am happy with just letting it sit though, since I know I'll be using it eventually. Love that photo technique!!! Looks great!

Denise Hallett said...

I love the photo technique :)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha so cute! I kept looking and finding more and more babies hidden :D lol!