Tuesday, March 1, 2011

turntable tuesday: the stones.

today i thought i'd share our rolling stones collection...
i didn't have a ton of time to take photos this afternoon, so pardon my bedspread as the backdrop.

first and foremost i have to say that i'm not the biggest rolling stones fan. i like them, and can listen to whole albums... but i'm in no way a stones aficionado. all of our rolling stones records are from joe's dad's collection. i don't think my dad really liked them (i could be wrong on that but to be honest i don't remember having any stones records or cds in the house growing up).

that said. our rolling stones albums are some of my favorite in our collection for their cover art. which, if you ARE into the stones probably isn't a surprise. i photographed my favorites, except for "their satanic majesties request" because i'm pretty sure trying to photograph a hologram will trigger a migraine.

my favorite album cover is "some girls." i love advertising from the 50s + 60s (see my posts on marshal mcLuhan here + here). my favorite albums to listen to are "sticky fingers" (also cool cover with a real zipper on the front), "some girls", and "beggars' banquet" (which i'm listening to right now).

our full catalog goes like this (random order):
some girls
let it bleed
beggars' banquet
their satanic majesties request
sticky fingers
it's only rock 'n roll
goat's head soup
exile on main st.
emotional rescue

to be honest i haven't even listened to all of them yet because a few are still in major need of a good cleaning... so there might be more favorites in there that i haven't discovered yet.

i do still intend of having joe "guest" blog soon. he knows so much more about the vinyl we inherited from his dad. soon i hope!

off to work on some things for the house and SC's sunday sketch.


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Jessica said...

Oh I love this. My mom has a ton of old records including The Beatles (who I adore). I am thinking of starting my own collection but I am looking forward to listening to hers first before I branch out.