Sunday, March 6, 2011

in the history of bad ideas...

my plan to go out to the hoboken st. patty's day parade could have been the worst.

it was so incredibly packed, and by time the parade started and was in full swing most of the population was well on their way to wasted. but we were able to maneuver the stroller through the throngs of jersey girls, guidos, and frat boys getting their irish on. (we totally ran into some serious fist pumping outside of one bar... love it.)

(not very) surprisingly few people were actually watching the parade so i got in some good shots...

despite having a front row seat abby was pretty disinterested in the whole deal...

{staring at an abandoned cup of green liquid, probably alcoholic in nature}
{and yes i tripped over it...}

she much preferred yelling at the people as we waded our way down washington street. and flirting with all the tipsy girls who fawned over her as she passed.

i, however, love bagpipers. and there were plenty of them! i counted at least 4 groups before we dipped into a sushi place for lunch.

when i went through my photos i saw this gentleman...

{mr. president? i had no idea!}

abby did perk up for the fire trucks, LOVE the pink one for GEMMA... she watched them with daddy...

{still not going to smile for you mom...}

all in all it was a beautiful day, a little chilly towards the end of the afternoon as the clouds rolled in, but a good indicator that spring is indeed coming. it was fantastic to be out walking with joey and little miss... even with the crowds. want to beat the crowds on st. patty's day? steer clear of the pubs & go for sushi!

today we did church & fruit shopping for purees (and mommy's new diet). then dad made mommy slip up on her new diet... but that's for next week's get fit. get healthy. post...

it's been raining all day so we've been napping and hanging out all afternoon. i'm still hoping to get some of the craftiness done tonight that i wanted to but it's SO tempting to just hang out with my besties.

hope everyone had a great weekend!


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