Tuesday, March 15, 2011

turntable tuesday: old friends.

my apologies for the late post, again.
today was a bit of a roller coaster ride for little miss and i... her pediatrician appointment today was kind of tough and that on top of a horrible decision to get fast food for lunch put me into quite the mood. things are all good now... thanks to my amazing little girl, and then music...

i wanted to share my go to albums this week that always can put me right back into a positive state of mind no matter what i'm dealing with. i would have named it my "top 5" but when i took a look at what records are usually sitting next to my record player it turned out to be 7. a few of them i have shared before... like fleet foxes (always lift my spirit) and bridge over troubled water. it's absolutely no surprise to me that simon & garfunkel have two albums on the list. fakin' it, america, and at the zoo are some of my favorite songs ever.

i love wings. joe totally makes fun of the fact that i love wings... but i do. there is something about linda and paul that just make me happy in a way that john and yoko could never do. wings over america is a great live album... i'm still looking to pick up their "best of" with mull of kintyre which is probably my favorite wings song. it's one of the songs i sing to abby at night...

so here is the list of the albums that i am calling my "old friends..." the albums that always have a place right next to my record player and can always lift my mood and remind me that life is good and there is so much to be thankful for....

what a long strange trip it's been: the best of the grateful dead
fleet foxes
jethro tull: songs from the wood (or best of)
simon & garfunkel: bookends & bridge over troubled water
the beatles: abbey road*
wings: wings over america

*i'll be doing a beatles post in the upcoming weeks... we have a lot of beatles!

i lost my light today before i could take good photos of my layouts so far this week but i'll get them all done tomorrow afternoon... in the meantime here's a sneak i took a couple of days ago before my entry for the my minds eye sketch challenge was finished. i was happy for the opportunity to use some cha bits and pieces i picked up YEARS ago... they were from the tres jolie release. i never used them because i knew i wanted them for when i had a baby... the colors and patterns were too precious to just use for myself, or wedding photos, or really anything else...

goodnight + love love love.


Jessica said...

I love these posts so keep doing them! I love records & music. Especially making lists of my faves. I agree these songs are mood lifters!!!

Denise Hallett said...

awwwww.....she was such a little peanut :) Can't wait for your visit in a few weeks. xoxo Mom

Unknown said...

Love those pics! Beautiful!