Saturday, March 26, 2011

get fit. get healthy. week 4.

it's been a strange week.
i've felt constantly distracted every day this week... pulled from the things i should do (like stick to the good schedule i'd had in place for a few solid weeks now) towards other stuff that i'd rather be doing. but i'll catch up on all that later...

time for week 4! as i said it's been an odd, odd week but i still feel positive about it. i wasn't able to log as consistently as i had been but i think i still stayed under my diet plan for the week. the fitness part was a little wonky... mostly due to bad timing on my part and not being totally committed to the workouts. so here we go...

get fit. get healthy. week 4.
height: 5'6"

weight: 154/154 no loss. no gain... so i'm good.

your fitness challenge(s) for the week: my challenge this week is to stay excited! i've lost a little of my enthusiasm for my daily workout plan (it's been really heavy on circuit training the last week) so i haven't been as committed to them or to getting in the extra workouts that i actually LOVE (like the box-fit routines, and long yoga sessions).

your food challenge for the week: still working on getting in more raw veggies. really need to watch my water still...

how well did it go:
last week went OKAY, but it was for sure off. how can i describe it any better than, i didn't suck? i was basically away from my computer all week so i didn't log everything like i had been. (i'll say it again,i love keeping track so i can really look at the week as a whole objectively.)

my food challenge last week was to get in 5 new veggies. well i BOUGHT 5 new veggies but we haven't gotten them all cooked/eaten yet. that's today's work in the kitchen. i did eat a raw tomato in my salad thursday night. OMG! p.s. that's crazy huge for me. i hate, HATE raw tomatoes just about 95% of the time. when i got pregnant i started eating them with the steak quesadillas from Baja (our favorite and joe started ordering and picking it up for me when i craved it... SO GOOD.) well Joe has been trying to push me to eat more tomatoes so he suggested getting a few plum tomatoes for me to try. i got up the courage and cut one up in my salad and went for it... it was, okay. they are still growing on me but i didn't freak out.

fitness last week was a little off in motivation and committment. i did what i "had" to, and got in a few extras... my heart hasn't totally been into it so that's my re-focus for this week!

failures and slip-ups:
there were definitely many! but this week i feel all of my issues came from being really disconnected to what i was doing plan-wise... and really distracted by everything else around me. that's not necessarily a horrible thing, especially when your distraction is wanting to watch your husband and baby girl play together! i just need to get my balanced schedule back on track, watch it, and commit to my workouts while i'm doing them... then i have the time to focus on everything else i want to AND feel great physically.

weekly challenge wisdom:

"For he who has no tranquility there is no concentration."
-Bhagavad Gita

advice to fellow GET FIT members: Stay Present. that's my challenge to all of us this week! and not just when it's easy... when it's hard stay in it. you'll be happy you focused and find that whatever you are doing gets done more efficiently and yeilds ultimate results! focusing the mind and committing to "being here now" as it were changes your whole perception, you become more aware in every aspect of your life... so refreshing!

arm-length self-portrait: i totally don't have time to do a selfie today so instead i thought i'd share a selfie from this week last year... 31 weeks pregnant. can't believe it's been a year!

i promise promise to catch up and share everything i've done this week... little miss has been super busy too!



Short Leg Lucy said...

hi gorgeous! sounds like we both had a rough week. Ya know, it's weeks like this that make us HAVE to want to strive harder. I read this quote yesterday and it was like......A year from now you're going to wish you started today. Good stuff!! So we just gotta get back up, brush off and try again! I'm right there with ya.

Granthamania said...

Keep your head up. This is a marathon and we must trudge on...

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