Thursday, March 3, 2011

get fit. get healthy.

i need to thank my good friend kim for turning me on to this "get fit, get healthy" challenge. i've been in a bad bad weight gain/weight loss cycle since having abby. i did extremely well during my pregnancy, kept exercising, stayed really fit, perfect weight gain. but post-birth has been a whole other story.

it really started when abby was about 3 months old. i started having some issues with breastfeeding. i'm not going to go into the whole two month long struggle, but basically it ended with abby totally rejecting breastfeeding and me turning into a bad eater.

abby is now happy and healthy... and i'm overweight and unable to fit into any of my lovely spring pre-pregnancy dresses. don't even TALK to me about bathing suits. ugh. but here's to looking forward!

i highly suggest you check out {shutter}mama and the art of making a baby and join in on the challenge... both are really amazing blogs and definitely worth reading. so much great information (not just on getting healthy!)

today i'm starting week 1 and i began by re-starting my 12 week program on:

the first workout is actually a 30 min fitness test of increasing difficulty and omg... i am crazy out of shape but i made it all the way through. i'm already feeling sore but it feels good, my body is waking up! i'm optimistic and i am ready to work hard, and get back to my best!

so now for my first questionnaire...

get fit. get healthy. week 1

weight: my starting weight is 160. my goal is to get back to my pre-baby weight of 135 but mostly i just want a flat, toned belly back, and my hips & thighs back in shape.

your fitness challenge(s) for the week: my goal this week is to do the entire week's routines on my program (it's set to work 6 days a week) and go on at least one long dog walk with joey (and little miss) on saturday and sunday.

your food challenge for the week: most important to my get healthy challenge is water. this week i'm challenging myself to drink 8 glasses of water per day and cut down my soda intake to one glass per day at lunch. (soda is my crack... i need to let it go.)

how well did it go: we'll see, i'm feeling good about it!

failures and slip-ups: i promise to blog them as they go, but today so far i'm doing really great. and i may even skip my glass of soda with lunch because i don't even WANT it right now, lol.

weekly challenge wisdom:

The only people who will fail in their goals are the ones who just don't try.

this is taken from {shutter}mama's week 4 questionnaire and it really resonates with me right now. i have just not been trying for the past 6 months. after my workout this morning i started thinking about abby's birth. not to toot my own horn but i did so freakin' amazing. it was the hardest thing i'd ever done physically and mentally and i can't explain how proud of myself i was afterward. i went in, with a goal to do it naturally and be strong... i was so confident and i did it, exactly the way i wanted to. after that i felt like i could do absolutely anything... so what changed? i need to remember that feeling, and rock out in every aspect of my life in exactly the same way.

advice to fellow GET FIT members: building off the above... just try. you'll be amazed what you can accomplish if you set your mind to the goal, love yourself, and do your best.

arm-length self-portrait: the week 1 self-portrait homework was to post a photo of you from the past that you strive to look like again...

this was july 2009. two months before i got pregnant. i was in the best shape of my life and felt amazing. how good i felt physically was one of the big factors in us deciding to try to have a baby - having a really fit pregnancy was so important to me. it's time get the skinny little happy healthy me back so i can be at my best for my little miss.

i hope everyone joins in!

i'll be back later this evening with one, maybe two new layouts! hope everyone is having a great thursday!



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Unknown said...

I so need to get in better shape. I would love to try that wii biggest loser.

Denise Hallett said...

You Can Do It!!!!!!!!!
xoxo Mom

ArlaMo said...

Way to go!! I definitely need some kick-in-the-pants in this area. Looks like you have some great tools in your arsenal.

E said...

YAY to you joining us! You're going to love it! Link up this saturday so that challenge members could say hello to you as well.

Sasha Farina said...

I'm with you babe!! Keep going, okay?! *hugs*