Wednesday, March 2, 2011

hello march.

abby and i are very excited to see you!
we are looking forward to:
starting classes at the little gym of jc
getting two front teeth (they are just about out!)
turning 9 months!
spring weather + trips to the park
our first big nyc parade
losing weight + getting back in shape (that's me...)
lots of scrapbooking
turning off the heat (for good) + opening the windows
spring cleaning!

maybe even learning to stand up... omg.

really really happy we are headed into spring. it opens up so many more possibilities for little miss & i. it just needs to get a little warmer and then we are spending every single day OUTSIDE. well, close to every single day.

today i looked up from the layout i'm working on...

{little tiny sneak of another two pager. woah.}

and saw little miss doing this...

omg. i have to say that i hadn't actually put her down anywhere near her piano... i usually leave it at one corner of her play area so she can get to it herself when she wants it. and there she is kneeling at it. that's like one push away from STANDING. standing. one her own. without my help. seriously?!? my baby cannot be working on how to stand herself up yet. no no no no. *sigh*

{ok mini mommy-tantrum over}

the increased mobility of my little miss in just the past two weeks completely boggles my mind. i'm so proud and amazed by her every day. not to mention just how independent she is. i can't wait to start classes at the little gym next week. we are going to have a blast and i'm hoping we meet some great babies + mommies to organize some more playdates with!

so, i think that's enough blabbing about my amazing kid for today...

i hope that everyone has a fantastic march & that spring quickly shows it's beautiful face in all of our lives!



Mandy said...

Aww she is too cute! I'm happy about spring too!

ArlaMo said...

She's adorable!! Baby-proof NOW! (Mom of 6 speaking from experience...)

Briana Johnson said...

Cool on her new accomplishments! I can tell how excited you are - that's wonderful. I also wanted to comment on how cool your record collection is - you gotta make a page about that if you haven't.

Gioconda said...

Love the sneak of your layout. And what a cutie. It goes fast doesn't it?

Denise said...

I am thrilled it is March and we are almost out of winter. Cannot wait for summer and being outside. Your daughter is adorable and definitely does look very close to standing. What a fun summer you have ahead of you!

Denise Hallett said...

she's MY amazing granddaughter!!!!!