Friday, June 29, 2007

*Around the Block* Spotlight

So I finally finished working with the two lines I was given this month from Around the Block. I really loved the "Glam Girl" line, it was so fun to work with. I think I got a pretty good Folder Album out of the "School Days" line too! TFL!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Post-Shower Portrait Session....

I was so inspired after our Elsie Scrap*Star chat last night and our A Million Memories "Understanding Exposure" group we've started that I wanted to work with the gorgeous light after our afternoon rainstorm to take some self-portraits. I think I came up with a few keepers and wanted to share! I know the one with the lavender coloring was so out of focus but I thought it was pretty anyway!

I wanted to take some of Joe and I too but the mosquitoes were SO BAD by the time he got outside that I had to run in! We seriously only have like 15-20 minutes after a storm before all the new little terrors hatch!

I'm working on the last few LO's of Around the Block and should have them up tomorrow. Plus I just got our A Million Memories July Kit and it's so full of yummy goodies! I can't wait to get to work with it and show everyone how much STUFF was packed into it!

It's been a really good week so far and I'm so excited for CHA in 3 WEEKS!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ask ... and you shall receive!

Okay this is a sneekie peekie of the new Taylor Line for Daisy D's. There are a TON of cool papers in this line and my Product Spotlight should be coming soon in the next few days.

BUT I couldn't wait to play with one of them to complete my first ever ScrapJack Challenge. The designer ScrapJacked this time was Maria Grace Abuzman and it was one of her no photo LO's. SO FUN! I really wanted this to feel kinda mechanical ~ like something from Monty Python so I hope it worked!

Materials I used: Taylor for Daisy D's, MM Foam Monogram Stamps, Chipboard from May Kit, Misc. FP Rub-Ons, Misc. JoAnns Hinges, Hambly Rub-Ons, Stamps are from "Stamp of Excellence" and "A Stamp in the Hand", Colorbox Inks, Acrylic Paints from PLAID

Oh I almost forgot ... the "and you shall receive" was actually a computer font that I printed in mirror on the glossy side of a transparency and then "rubbed" onto the paper. IRL it looks almost like a ink blot or coffee stain where the ink pooled on the transparency.

It was so fun just scrapping for ME! I haven't done that in a long time. looked at a blank pice of paper and let whatever spill onto it - spill away! So much fun.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back from Coco Grove...

Well we are finally back from Miami. We had such a great time getting in some quality time with Andy (our British friend from ships). I barely took any pictures b/c the boys aren't really into them but I did manage to get Joe to take a quick shot of ME before we headed out for dinner last night. We went to this amazing new restaurant called Christabelle's Quarter which is New Orleans French Quarter style. The place was gorgeous. Everything in it was taken from mansions, castles, or squares from all over the world. So pretty. I didn't have my good camera so all my shots of the place came out horrible but go to their website and check out the beauty! Christabelle's Quarter.

So I am home now and ready to go. I am going to do a few "fun scrapping" things before I get busy on my DT work. I want to get a couple of just for me challenges done b/c I'm feeling like designing a few funky LOs. I may get busy on Suzanne's Art Journal Challenges too!

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, June 18, 2007

A Million Memories is having a *special* DT Callout...

We have a special opening on the *A Million Memories* Design Team!

You can get all the info on our *A Million Memories Blog* or on *A Million Message Board*.

Check us out!

If you have any questions please email!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

*Jenni Bowlin Studio*

This month one of the Manufacturer Sponsors was Jenni Bowlin Studio. I was sent the Summer Picnic Line and got a couple of really sweet LO's done! You can read more about the LO's at my *A Million Memories* Gallery!

The rest of today will be spent doing laundry and getting packed for Miami. I do hope to do some more scrapping tonight in between there. I am going to be working with my 2nd sponsor this month ... Around the Block!

I hope everyone is have a good weekend. I can't wait to get to Miami and to the pool! We are going out for Sushi tomorrow night too ..... yummmmmm!

Have a great weekend! *Smooches*

Thursday, June 14, 2007

*Fresh* Face of Morning

Last night's little get together with Lisa & Karen for Mary Kay facials was so much fun. AND it was so interesting to see the "new face" of Mary Kay. I literally hadn't been within 20ft. of a Mary Kay product since I was a little girl messing around in my grandma's make-up drawer!

I was so surprised at just how much I loved it all! I have really been struggling with my skin since moving down here to South Florida. I got through this horrible cycle each month where I have one week of great skin, then one of super oily skin, then the following week I break out, then it take a weeks to heal .... on and on and on. Well just after using their cleansing system ONCE I felt like I had taken five years off of my skin. AND their foundation is SO LIGHT!

Needless to say I learned so much about just the care of my skin. Didn't even really get into the make-up part, but I didn't care. I just want to be able to go out and not HAVE to use a heavy foundation that changes my whole complexion.

Anyway. I'm so excited to get a BIG party together soon. I have one set for July 11th and I'm hoping that gives me enough time to get a bunch of girls together. I was a little bummed because since we just did it with me and Lisa there was no time for me to stand back and take pictures. But this morning my face was feeling fresh and my spirits were high so I thought I'd take a little self picture just to say HELLO & HAPPY Thursday!

Tonight Joey and I heading to Wahoo's with some friends. I loved going their last week so I'm hoping this week is just as fun. I love to dance and it seems like I haven't on a regular basis since we moved here! I'm working on Jenni Bowlin today so hopefully I will have a couple of Layouts up later!

Wow - I'm quite the chatty cathy today! See what a little pampering can do for a girl!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On a roll....

I'm so happy that I've been feeling the flow lately! In between the constant phone calls today I got this LO done for the One Little Word Challenge. I love doing portrait of Joe. He's so photogenic and I always get so much emotion from him even when we do a quick session. This is one of the shots I did back in May but it's one of my favorites!

Now off to get ready for the mini-Glamour party tonight!

More Love. Elsie

So I finished two more LO's with this month's A Million Memories kit. Check out my gallery on *A Million Memories* or 2Peas to see the descriptions. I still have a TON left over but for now I have to move on and get to work on the manufacturer kits I have received so far this month! I'm stoked to start working with them ... I got the new Around the Block, Jenni Bowlin, and BRAND SPANKIN' NEW Daisy D's!

Crystal Therapy is my "Scrapbooking the Secret" LO. I missed last week and was totally bummed but I'm glad I was able to get this week's in. It's also my first 6x12 which I LOVED doing.

The prompt for "Scarpbooking the Secret" was to journal and scrap about your positive Thoughts Trigger which is 100% my pup. Crystal can always sense immediately when I'm sad or angry and forces her way onto my lap to try to cheer me up. And it's not just me either ... last night MIL was over and DH & her were having a bit of a emotional comversation. Crystal went right up to her and start pawing at her leg to get her to pay attention to her - those eyes just say "Everything is perfect in my world - don't be upset!" I love my little Love Therapist!

I'm getting the photography itch again b/c it seems like I've take NO pictures for a long time. I may have to remedy that and get a few set up today. I'm having a few girls over to get FREE MaryKay facials so that should be fun and a great photo opp!

Have a Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

**The Friends in my life ROCK!**

YAY! I finally finished this mini book from the AMM June Kit. I still have a ton left over to do two or three more LO's and an altered project I'm working out right now so those will go up soon. BUt I wanted to post this right away to show my ROCKIN' FRIENDS who I miss so much.

Okay, totally personal here: Nancy, Tommy, Helen (!!), and Mia I can't wait to see you on July 4th. I miss my Taylor cuz's so much and I'm ready to PARTY! Jeanne ... you an me have some serious catching up to do in July and I am so excited to see you an Ryan soon. Erin, my sweet little sister, be good and I hope we can some out to Cali to see you while you are there, if not we will be at the opening party at your new place next semester! NICOLE! After NY we are totally cming back to Chicago just to SEE YOU! Ronny, what can I say? Joe and I are so totally excited to see you in NYC in July! We love you so much and miss you! Bryan & Jason, the two of you are harder to pin down, but know that Joe & I miss you SO MUCH and I hope we can see each other soon. Who can say "HUGE ANNIVERSARY PARTY!?!" We need to have a crazy party to get the coolest Bridal Party back together! LUV you all so much! *Kisses & Hugs from us!*

Hope everyone loves the Book!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The June Kit is ROCKIN'!!

The June kit from *A Million Memories* came in yesterday and I am SO LOVIN' IT! Love, Elsie + Thickers + Felt Flowers, Yummy Buttons, and a TON more = A VERY VERY VERY Happy Meredith!

I'm working on the Maya Road Accordian Album and finished up the sketches and the Cover. Today is an ALL Scrappin' Day and I'm so stoked!

I also got some amazing Manufacturer Kits ~ The new Around The Block and Jenni Bowling ... and I'm just as excited to work with those too! Lots of fun stuff to show soon!! June is turning out to be a super funky fun month already!

We have a ScrapStar Chat with Elsie Flannigan on June 26th so don't forget to come by *A Million Memories* and Michelle posted the LO's she did with out June Kit so check those out while you are there.

It's so late and although I really want to stay up and work on this book, I have to get to bed so that I can start tomorrow bright & early! Nite Nite!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

High Tide

Southwest Florida finally got its first big rain of the season. BUT it happened to be a high tide day too so our little neighborhood got a bit water logged! In the second picture you can tell how high the water got... It covered my neighbor's dock and the water went all the way through their lower level. But THAT'S why our houses are on stilts! The Herons, other Birds, and Fishes had a good time though!

I know I have been so behind on my blogging and scrapping lately. I have a few things to finish today and will hopefully have my Cherry Arte Product Spotlight up and ready to go. I am so excited to get a TON of new product this week that I'm waiting on. The *A Million Memories* June Kit has been sent out and I can't wait to get my hands on the Love, Elsie goodies. PLUS, Elsie is going to be doing a Scrap★Star Chat on June 26. I can't wait to get a chance to see what she did with our kit and to chat with her a bit! It's going to be rockin' so don't miss it!

Happy Sunday!