Monday, April 30, 2007

No Green Thumb Here

Last year I bought this gorgeous orchid and in about two months I was 100% sure it was dead. I watered it like I was supposed to, had it in the right light, even simulated the correct humidity level but all of the sudden the leaves started getting these huge brown spots and the flower stalks became sticks! So, I put the pot outside with all of my other failed potted plants!

But then last week I went out to do some spring cleaning and just in the ONE weekend of rain that we got (Florida has been having a major drought lately!) my orchid started to bloom! I was giddy with happiness. I'm so watching this little orchid that could! I have four gorgeous flowers and it looks like two new stalks are trying to reach upwards!

I tried that weekend to re-plant my pots with just varied wildflowers. Annoyingly,
the squirrels like to hide things in my pots and end up digging up everything I plant. This little baby is the only one trying his hardest to grow up!

I ♥ Costco !!

Is there anything better that a 2-Hour Sunday Shopping Trip to Costco ?? I love Costco so much! We got a ton of awesome stuff (I love buying in bulk) plus I picked up the 567 Heidi Swapp Embellie Kit!

My favorite part of going to Costco though is having a fun opportunity to goof-off with Joey! We have so much fun there together, laughing, and acting dumb. Kind of like our trips to Target and Walmart... It's so much fun doing "domestic" stuff with your best friend!

The rest of yesterday was spent designing with AMM's May Kit. This is such a yummy yummy kit, did I already say that? Well it is and I can't wait to post what I've done with it!

Oh ~ I almost forgot. Last night Joe accidentally dropped and broke one of my salad plates from college. Now, seriously these things were like the Target $15 "dinner set in a box" so they were by no means expensive or high quality. But when it broke I gathered up the pieces and kind of mourned the loss a bit. We got three awesome new sets for the wedding, but this set was my first that was all my own when I moved out. It was sort of one of the things that was all my own coming into my relationship and marriage. It made me think of my mom when my sister or I would accidentally break something, she didn't get mad but there would be this very subtle sad look she would get.

There's more to this, but I think I'm going to channel it into a LO or some other projects!

Well I couldn't throw this little dish out. It's worn and broken, but still beautiful and meaningful to me! So we'll see what it becomes!

* Smooches & Happy Monday !! *

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Happy Friday !!

What a great Friday Night I have had !! I got the email notice today that the *New* Kodak Easy Share All-in-One Printers were available in-stock at Best Buy. I was so not expecting Joey to say that we could go TONIGHT to get it. AND he asked to take me out for Sushi. What a lucky girl I am !!~!!

So after stuffing ourselves with yummy yummy sushi we went out and got the 5300. I am so excited!! My printer was streaking my photos so bad and was just about ready to abandon me all together. I've already printed off a few "tester" fun photos and I am so happy with the quality.

And I am so thankful for this man.... he is sexy, thoughtful, passionate, creative, supportive, loving, honest, patient, and SPOILS me to no end!! I love my hubby so much and I'm so thankful for everything he does to support me.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hello Mojo....

I have been so behind on my blogging and designing! Things in the Taylor household have been super busy. I am in the middle of planning the NAWP National Conference and have been doing a ton of graphic design work for A Million Memories so my art design has kind of taken a side road to all of that. Really, to be honest, all of that other stuff came at a perfect time for me to hide that I've been on a bit of a creative slump. BUT I always can count on the fab girls from AMM to pull me out!!

I got the May AMM Kit and I'm LOVIN' IT! I immediately got a ton of ideas and just finished the little Melissa Frances Heart Album that came in the kit. YUMMY colors this month! Here's a peek at the kit ... I'll post my creations after they've been released into the gallery!

I've also been taking a ton of pictures and my order of the new Hambly Rub-Ons came in. So as soon as I'm done with my DT responsibilities I'm going to have some fun with that stuff.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

* A Million Memories* DT Sponsor
~Urban Lily!~

OMG! I have been having so much fun with one of my DT sponsor this month URBAN LILY! I have already done a few LO's and I can't believe that I still have over 75% of my product left! Here is the first set of projects that I've finished. To read more about the materials used or to shop *A Million Memories* go to: A Million!.

Check out all of the fun things going on at A Million Memories. We have an awesome Art Journal Challenge going on HERE!. And we are still running our April 1st - 14th Challenge HERE!

AND ... AMM is having an awesome April Kit Contest! Check out the details HERE and enter to win a Kodak Easy Share Printer!

I'll have more later!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Yesterday's **Doodles & Dawdles**

Yesterday was such a fun day! First (after a brief client meeting) we went to this great little stamping/paper crafting store that I had heard about. It's OLD name was Oblique but the new owner is claling it The Wicked Rubber Stamper. So the new owner took over in October and apparently in the 11 years it was open the old owner NEVER HAD A SALE! Not one! So she put ALL of the old stock of rubber stamps, paper, etc. on 50-75% off to move it. Yesterday I got about $95 worth of stamps and stuff for $28 bucks! Oh I was so stoked! These are some of the stamps I got ~~ now I seriously can't wait to start the AMM Art Journal Challenge.

Then last night Joe and I watched The Office and just took some us and the couch time! I did a little doodling. Which I guess turned into a LOT of doodling! We have a super busy weekend coming up with a Rehearsal Dinner tonight to shoot and a long Wedding tomorrow. Today though we get to do a little shopping! I hope everyone has a great weekend if I end up being MIA!

**Smooches & {{{HUGS}}}**