Thursday, March 27, 2008

the winner! (and more...)

Hi everyone!

First I want to thank everyone who took time out to check out my blog and participate in my first Blog RAK! I really appreciate all of your compliments... and it was cool checking out your favorite CHA releases. I have to say that I agree with all of you!

I had Joey pick a post number randomly and he picked #8 which is SHAINA!

So Shaina... please email me your information and your goodies will be sent out!

Here's another peak at part of the RAK...

It's been a really busy week so far. I can't even fathom that it's THURSDAY already! Today while waiting for some people to check out the house I started packing up the library....

This is the room I'm probably going to miss the most in this house. This is our huge den area upstairs where we have all these built-in shelves, a swing out on the lanai, a great view... it's just such an amazing space. Joey used to have his studio up there but we had planned to switch late last year because he wanted his office downstairs. Unfortunately I never got my "dream" studio set up in the den because we knew we were moving and it didn't make sense. But I'm looking forward to creating the space I want in our new place (crossing my fingers!!)

Now that the house has been shown today I'm back to scrapping! I just got the April Kit for A Million Memories yesterday and I can't wait to dig in! I love the vintage spring feel of April's Kit. It's so pretty (and packed!)...

If you haven't checked out AMM do it!

Again, thank you so much to everyone who stopped by for the RAK! Congrats again to Shaina!


Monday, March 24, 2008

giveaway time (c&t publishing)!

Hey Everyone! Happy Monday!

Today I'm really excited because I'm finally doing my first Blog RAK!

I've been very fortunate over the past 6 months to start working with C&T Publishing, designing product samples for their new releases for CHA, promotion, AND their packaging!

The first project I did for them was a fabulous new 12x12 Board Book. I'll post the whole book in my galleries but here is a peek...

I was so excited to find out that they were going to use this project for their packaging AND I got to see it displayed at CHA! Too cool....

The other project I did for them was with their newly released Flower Petal Pots. These things are so cool! I can't wait until my order of them come in so I can play with them more!

My next projects will be in the next release... but I also wanted to share one of their new products that I got in recently and immediately made for myself! I've been wanting a card file or something to organize my little index card sketches and ideas, and photos. So I made this from their new Indie File Box...

I left it pretty blank so that I can add more to the box as I come across things and make it my own. The paper is Basic Grey Obscure and graph paper from a torn journal of mine. I also used Basic Grey Rub-ons and A Hambly Transparency. The "spray paint" is actually Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. I love this stuff and will be posting some more projects I've done with it soon!

So... here's how to win some of the awesome new releases from C&T Publishing!

Just post your name and where you are from AND your favorite new release from CHA Winter 2008. I'd love to know what all you saw that excited and inspired you in case I missed anything! lol...

And you will win...

  • Ready-To-Go Blank Board Book: 12x12" Square
  • Ready-To-Go Blank Board Box: Shadow Box
  • Ready-To-Go Blank Board Book: 6x6" Square
  • AND G.C.D Studios Rose Colored Glasses Paper Line
There will also be a few little buttons and ribbons from my stash in there to boot!

Everyone has until Thursday at NOON Eastern to be in the RAK drawing!

Good Luck!

Friday, March 21, 2008


I know I promised I would do my first ever blog giveaway today... but I'm super busy finishing up a project that need to be out tomorrow AND my DT entry AND my Hambly spotlight so I'm going to postpone the giveaway until Monday when I will hopefully have all of this stuff out and a clean slate!

BTW... if you are interested in trying out for the A Million Memories DT there is a chat tonight where you can ask us your questions about the call, being on the DT and what the expectation are, or just about anything else you feel like asking! Just head to the AMM MB and get signed up for the Yahoo chat tonight, there will also be a Q&A thread that will go over some of the topics talked about in case you can't be there tonight for the chat!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

car ride...

Joey and I took Roxy to the Veteran's Park Dog Run on Tuesday for the first time. We had taken Crystal there a few times but unless there is someone there to chase her all over the place she never really dug it - and Roxy was finally old enough we thought to start really getting socialized so we tried it out. They loved it! I was so surprised at how well Roxy did with the other dogs... she was a good little pack mate!

I didn't take my camera into the park because I had no clue how it was all going to work out but next time I'm definitely taking it in....

we did have some fun on the car ride home though!

Crystal is so cute in the car. She LOVES car rides and sits on my lap or on Joe's the whole time watching...

And Roxy is a ham...
Yoda face!

And yeah... had to take a couple of myself but I was grunging it that day (especially with sand and dirty dogs all over me). Oh, and yes I did dye my hair practically black. And I LOVE it!

I cannot wait to scrap these photos... they all came out pretty great (imho... lol)!

So what am I working on today? I have a project I'm finishing up for a new C&T Publishing Release. My other projects for them have finally been released so I will probably be posting the full pics of them tomorrow so everyone can see them finally! I hate waiting... lol. I'm also working on some fun stuff with Hambly for A Million Memories AND my AMM DT Entry (I hope everyone decides to try out! It's a great club to work for!!)

Oh one more thing... have you seen.....

Sassafrass Lass Pocketful of Rosies

I want this line... SO BAD! I totally am in love with it. This is my favorite of the papers but I really love them all and you can see them all by clicking on the link up there. Check them out! No buying more stuff though until after the move *tear*.....

Tomorrow is Friday... YAY! And.... I'll be doing a little blog giveaway featuring a *BRAND NEW* C&T Publishing Product. I'll also be doing some stash RAKs in the next few weeks to purge a bit and share the goods before I move. So be sure to stop by tomorrow!


it's official.... (the BIG news!)

Yes... it's finally happening. We've been talking about it and stressing about it for over a year and now we finally have the opportunity to move and we are TAKING IT! Joey got a great job with Giant Interactive in NYC and we just got final word yesterday! April 1st he starts his new job and we are hoping we will have found a place by mid-April.

This is such an exciting and crazy adventure but I know in the the end everything is going to work out perfectly! I don't have a ton of information about our plans yet but as we get them nailed down I'll be sharing!

(can you tell i'm absolutely stoked... lol!)

That's it for right now... but I'm editing photos for my "real" blog post today.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

*music* tuesday...

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week...


Because I'm lame that's why! And I'm totally addicted to this season of American Idol. I really have a love-hate relationship with the show. As a former (ahem - sorry needed to clear my throat there, lol) singer I struggle each and every week with those girls and boys. Joey laughs at me because as they sing I make these ridiculous faces as I will them to get back on pitch or to stay strong on that final blasted note. I think this season has so much young young talent that just needs a bit more maturing - but a few of the singers are just right on and I know will go major far.

Oh - and did you see who was hanging out on the Rosie cruise...

Anyway... so I'm not really into just Top40 pop, which is why some years AI annoys me, but it seems this year I'm right there every Tuesday. So in honor of tonight's show (or in spite of it, who knows...) I thought I would share the latest on my ITunes list and wishlist.

*Gnarls Barkley*

New Album... not out yet... get it on itunes... shhhhh - it's AMAZING!

*Panic at the Disco*

They dropped the "PANIC!" so maybe they are chilling out a bit. Pretty Odd comes out soon and the only single I've heard really is 'Nine in the Afternoon' - so I'm undecided as so how much I love it. But I'm so in love with their first album and the lead singers voice so I'm crossing my fingers for some magic.

and the wildcard for any electronic junkies out there...

our newest favorite record company... mixing everything I love right now... art... typography... video...

*Ed Banger Records*

If you don't like the music - you can at least appreciate the art! lol....

So anything new I'm not listening to that I should be? Let me know!


p.s. Just wanted to add that the video company that produced that is called 75 Music. French, but we won't hold that against them, lol. Very cool company and Jonas & Francois are amazing directors. They did the Justice D.A.N.C.E. video, Kanye West's Good Life video, and are currently working on one for Madonna too. Check them out...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Some ZOE love, and a note about "my process"...

I was one of the lucky DTM's over at A Million Memories to get the Love, Elsie ZOE line as a product spotlight. I really love this line and searched out all of the embellishments, and actually bought the line again separately for myself so I still have a TON to play with!

Working with this line was very fun and therapeutic for me. I've been struggling lately with my design process and what makes my own ideal scrapbook page that I'm truly happy with. So much has been happening (mostly in my head, lol) the past few months so I've been a journaling nut... but when it comes to journaling on my pages I cringe. I'd rather leave my sentiment in a huge obnoxious title, or minute graphic hints... Right now I scrapbook for me but until about a month ago I didn't see anything that resembled me in the majority of my layouts.

That is until I decided to stop caring about when a good layout "should" be and remind myself AGAIN that I scrapbook for ME... ME ME ME ME! lol...

So, my journal remains my journal - full of all the little thoughts and tantrums that help me figure out who I really am as I journey through life - and my scrapbook is my visual representation, which pulls influence from my journal, but isn't bogged down with long journaling blocks or explanation more than what I want to give.

Whew.... way tmi, right? And now you just want the goods... lol!

*Enjoy the Journey*

My take on a two-pager, inspired by my journal:

life is so funny right now
like "ha, ha" not wrong
i'm torn in so many directions
that i can't seem to travel in just one
for too long

there are so many distractions
so many "what-ifs"...
"where's" "when's" "how's"
and "why's"
i find it's so hard to keep from getting caught up...

i forget to chill out and enjoy the ride.

*My Outlets*

Ahh... how I love my camera and my mac. Two best presents EVER! (love you Joey)

and last but not least....

*Meeting the Seesters*

I was SO excited to finally meet Linda & Karen IRL (authors of Visual Chronicles and Journal Revolution) at CHA Summer '08. They are so inspiring and their books have helped me break out and loosen up in so many way... get out there and CREATE!

Check out the Fauxlaroid journaling-flap... totally one of their ideas from Journal Revolution... get it!

Thank you so much to Love, Elsie & A Million Memories for sponsoring me with this awesome product! I hope everyone enjoys what I came up with as much as I do!


Monday... getting to work

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Today is Monday which means I have lotsa lotsa to do... but first I HAVE to say I love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best dad in the world!!

I was looking through all my pics for a good picture of my dad... and I found this from the wedding photos (Tonya Malay... she rocks!). I had totally forgotten this photo and it's one of my favorites from that day. I love my parents so much and miss them... I can't wait to live closer to them (at least in the Northern part of the country, lol) so that I can see them more often. Getting old sucks sometimes!

So ready for some big news!?!

There are some super cool things happening the the cyber-world of arts and crafts that I'm so excited to share...

1) Emily Jones and some of the girls from A Million Memories DT have started a new challenge blog called The Design eXperiment... They have their first challenge up and their next Guest Designer is the fabulous Katie Watson!!

2) Creative Therapy! I'm so excited about this side-project from Karen Grunberg. This is a new kind of challenge blog that focuses 100% using your art as your own creative therapy... her first catalyst is up and I LOVE IT! She also has a ton of great scrapper/art journalers on board so I can't wait to see what the future holds for this self-expression journey!

3) A Million Memories is have a DT Call! It's that time again and A MIllion Memories is looking for a new team. I have been so honored to be part of the AMM team and have had so many awesome opportunities due to the amazing Michelle & Alison who are the bestest owners and friends in the world. I hope I can join the 2008 team! Good luck to everyone who applies!

4) Have you seen the A Million Memories Sneak Peak for April??

Yummy! (I'm so excited to get this one and can't wait to post the whole kit!!)

So now for MY news....

Have you heard of the coolest new everything-crafting critique site.... Craft Critique?

Well, I was asked to be on their new reporting team. I'm so excited! I was so stoked to be asked to join this group who I met at CHA. They have put together an awesome team and I'm really just so happy that they thought of me and asked me to contribute. I really enjoy writing and am a big product junkie so I know this going to be a ton of fun! Be sure to check out the site!

Well that's all I'm going to gab about for right now... we are still waiting on confirmation of the BIG BIG news so I'm not spilling the beans quite yet (although I'm sure many of you already know, lol!)

I hope everyone has a super Monday!


Sunday, March 16, 2008

I MEANT to work....

Things have been so crazy here... BIG BIG news is coming as well as some exciting BIG news. lol. I can't share all of it yet because I want to make sure the BIG news is for sure so I don't jinx it...

But it's Sunday and I hadn't blogged in SO LONG so I wanted to share a little book I did for AMM late last month....

I did this little spring story book from the AMM February Kit... there are still a few left and it's so cute if you want to grab one of the last ones!

Did you see the AMM March Kit???

It's all sold out but was so fabulous! I love the colors and butterflies! Oh and those thickers are just too cool... you won't want to miss April's kit... I'll have a sneak very soon!

You should definitely check out some things happening at A Million Memories... there have
some really great changes in the store and galleries.

Today Joe and I checked out the garage sale area of FleaMasters in Ft. Myers... and I picked up one of these vintage cuties...

Mine isn't this clean... lol! But it was only $4! I'm going to search out some film, clean this baby up, and see if I can't get some very cool vintage photos from it. I'll take some pics of my new brownie later this week and post. Even if she doesn't work I'm so stoked on how cute it is and what a great find she was! I haven't decided what to name her yet (I think she's a she... lol) but I'll take name suggestions. This is one camera that just NEEDS a name! lol....

Okay, I'm off to finish some things so that I can post ALL of my Zoe projects all at once tomorrow FINALLY!

Have a great Sunday!