Friday, January 30, 2009

f train.

inspired by kc's layered pages that i totally dig
also inspired by a very late train ride home with drew + joe + one for the road.
increasingly inspired by brooklyn, art, and possibility.

you can see the layers here.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

anthro top 5.

kinda late for a long post but here we are.
i can spend hours going through the
and it doesn't take long before my wishlist it overflowing with dresses,
blouses, jean, accessories, and home goodies.

but if i right now could only choose 5.
what would they be?

price will be a factor in this list. kinda.
i feel like some of my favorite pieces are actually pretty awesome price points.
so i feel a whole lot better when i come home from work with a little present for my closet.

so here we go...

1. side-by-side tunic: as you may have noticed i have this in the white/grey but it's just an amazing tunic that i might have to get in this grey/blue version. it's so comfy. and i see myself potentially getting too much wear out of it. and it's only $88. perfect.

2. button trio leggings: $54. not sure if we have these in the store yet but i love the extra button detail on these and can't wait to try a pair out. perfect with the tunic and a pair of flats! can't wait for it to warm up.

3. indian summer maillot: $198. i know, it's a bathing suit. but it was there, and it is perfect. i love this cut. i love the color stripes. would go amazing with the gladiators and a jersey dress. and a cocktail.

4. placated gladiators: $198. i'm kinda addicted to gladiator sandals. definitely not worth getting them yet but it's my top 5 and i obviously want to be on vacation.

5. there-you-were dress: $298. this dress is amazing. i'm thinking nicole's rehearsal dinner? maybe too much, but it's going to be july and i need an excuse to own this dress.

so there you have it.
maybe i should do a home top 5.
maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

dear powerpc.

Megan Corkrey.
just sang and her voice is just amazing.
exactly my kind of artist.
can't wait to see if she delivers.

her dress reminded me of a dress at anthro.
which led me to a 10 minute intense web search to find a photo to link to.
which then led to me putting some major thought into my current top 5 dresses.

this list is not yet complete. but i'm working on it.
really having fun working on layouts.
finally remember how it feels to turn out some art.
to see some things come into creation.
lost. love.

good week.

playing with monochromatic polaroids and papers.
although maybe yellow isn't the easiest to work with on this awful scanner.
but in person it's pretty groovy.

joe's making pork roast tonight.
i can smell it all over the flat.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


though i'd share a layout that i've finally decided is finished, for now.
this is me. as a babe.
hard to put this one away as it's been sitting on my table for over a week now.
this has always been my favorite picture of me as a baby, which is why i was forced to snatch it from home (sorry mom). i have scrapped it probably 4 times, but when it came to the journaling i would get stuck. anything i wrote about this picture or about me or about whatever just never felt right. i want to be able to look at this photo in 10 years unswayed by what i was thinking about it in 1998 or 2001 or 2009.
so long story short, no journaling. no tittle. honor the photo, and i'm happy.

did i just say honor the photo? wow.

one more layout that i'm finally letting go of:

drew is moving into an amazing new space in dumbo and this is my housewarmin' gift to him.
me thinks we'll have an amazing time with this place.
i can't believe drew has been here almost 6 months, too much.
i guess we've almost been here a year.
time flies.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

to dumbo.

off for a night with my three favorite guys.
i'm starving.


time for bed.
but i keep hitting cancel.

it's been a busy day, but a productive one.
joe's reel is up.
i got creative,
pulled out the sewing machine
and dyed my hair.
(not all at once)

it felt amazing to be on point today.
and now as tempting as working until 2am is,
it's time to save as and close up.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

sweet coraline.

can't wait.
another stop motion masterpiece.

check out the fun website that i could spend way too much time on.

Friday, January 16, 2009

16a: home

hey there.
loving this poladroid thing that kc found via ginnybranch.

here are some more photos of the house.
living room, bedroom, long hallway, tiny bathroom...
so not a ton to show off. plus not everything is 100% how i'd like it to be.

i love my shelves. and we have just about all of our books out again.
we have a lot of built-in closets which i love.
but that's all of joe's room you get to see, it's his cave + my closet.

kitchen which i think i've posted before.

and then our diving room/studio is just off the kitchen. this is the opposite side with the swingy door to the kitchen.

that's it for now, back to work.

be water.

thank you ronny
for our morning inspiration.

Bruce Lee: Be Water, animated by Markus Gustafsson

go watch.
type. love.

scrapping today.
and trying to stay warm without the house getting too hot.
i love radiators and old houses.
i promised some friends some house pictures.
i will deliver.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

and have a pleasant tomorrow.

nothing better than a brand new pack of sharpies.
broke one open last night and immediately hid the extras.
if i don't they'll all disappear.

painted my studio today.
working on my album this week for project 52.
purging a LOT of paper tonight too.

all in all a very productive day off.

(color: behr embellished blue
the house points west...
i painted only the north and south walls.
left the nooks white for now, but they may end up painted.
makes the room look more livable, and huge.)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

tying up the loose ends

it snowed again this weekend. which was so nice because it was the perfect excuse to hole up after a few stressful holiday weeks and start fresh with 2009.

my project 52 assignment to myself was to tie up all the loose ends from 2008 . this is so important to me right now. i have so many new things i'd like to bring into my life this year and i want to make sure to have all the blocks taken care of right now.

so i got finished up with all the little bells and whistles i've been meaning to send out to people. this little guy is part of a group i'm sending out to my momma. there are some special vintage buttons on him (wood grain and little beak bead) were from my grandmother's sewing chest.

biggest block of 2008. my studio. as per usual. but it was something necessary to conquer and OUR back studio is about 5% away from complete. yes, our. joey and i are finally getting to team up more often and have some projects we are working on together. i can't explain how happy this is making me, and us. i love that we now have a space to plan and brainstorm and create together.

in celebration of a floor i hadn't really seen for months.

so as you can see i'm 365'ing it again. developing what i'm going to do with all the pictures this time not doing anything kinda sucks. that's next week's project.


Thursday, January 1, 2009


no joke.

now it's time.
to clear out the rest of the junk,
and travel the path in front of me.
have fun. make goals.
get things done.
be positive, create my own reality.

joey + i rang in the new year snuggly and safe,
plotting and planning our future.
exciting things are coming, so it's time to get to work!

i hope everyone has a blessed 2009.
let's make things.