Tuesday, June 30, 2009

anthro top 5: july catalog

the new anthro catalog was waiting in my mailbox on saturday and although i'd already snagged one at work there's nothing better than getting YOUR copy!

so here is my top 5 from the july catalog!

i love this whole outfit... blushing ruffle skirt, sketchwork tee, + sweeping sleeve cardi i'm getting into a skirts and tees phase! and i love the asymmetry of the skirt (can't wait to get it in!)

2. brigitta dresser

i want i need.... only $800 bones, no problem, lol!

i wasn't much into booties last fall but this year i am! (especially with all the cute one's my friend katie wears to work...) of these my favorites are the framework booties, ruched booties, gathered booties, and not pictured here are my other faves the frilled heels (i'm not sure i would buy those b/c they aren't totally my style but i love them anyway!)

4. windfall dress

5. and my FAVORITE....
the inverness trench. i saw this first because i flipped thorugh the catalog at work from the back and i totally started gushing over it. it's the cutest trench and i hope it fits me as cute as it fits her!

if you don't get the catalog but want to browse you can here: shop the catalog

anyone have any favorites i missed? the anthro catalogs are always so inspiring!!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

hello girl.

been a long time.
sorry about that.

i'm still around. doing my thing.
focusing a lot on work +
trying to get back the energy and drive to do more on my own again.

good things happening at 16a. joe's new job is amazing and he's really happy (which is a major relief for me! i like seeing him inspired!!)...

his company is 321launch. check them out, they are a animation/compositing studio and that makes test commercials. their spots are great and most of the time look like they could go straight to broadcast... and they are only for test audiences! joe just finished some coke spots that i wish i could show you but not yet.

things at anthro soho are good. gearing up for our fall concepts which is always an exciting. i love changes of scenery. i am always eager to see what our art department comes up with for the new displays. i just got the july catalog so i'll follow up later with my top 5 again (sorry it's been so long!!)

it finally feels like summer here... june had crazy rain. not cool. but this past weekend was sunny and warm and so far this week has been too. we've started hearing the firecrackers in the evening which is exciting. i love 4th of july! ooo, now i want to make cupcakes with my leftover stars + stripes cups, lol. still easily distracted, lol. this year we'll be able to see nyc's and jc's fireworks from liberty state park... maybe i'll take a little video to share.

basides all the normal catch up stuff i have...

new hair! it was done at arrojo studio and i'm for sure loving + rocking out the blonde.

i could go on forever but instead here are the 10 best things about this spring/summer so far...

1. finally being able to spend more time out with these ladies...

2. hot-lantic city with my parents and joey...

3. photog + sushi city dates with my steady...

4. spending lots and lots of time with this bitch...

5. the dudley weekend.

although it was super sad to say goodbuy it was awesome meeting this lovely girl...

6. baking... cookies, cupcakes, brownies


8. new phone!!
yeah kinda lame that my new phone is in the top ten but i'm totally addicted to my new pet... it has a camera and takes awesome video, great quality, and i can finally be online whenever i want to be (hence the increased volume of tweets!)

9. reconnecting with this face...

love you bry!

10. pride 2009.

it was a great pride... watch the march with dawn + kristi (who marched for the first time!!) and then followed up with a rooftop ph party at the dream hotel in midtown...

our group for sure wanted to celebrate the life of mj, we maybe got a little too into thriller... or at least i did...

anthro july top 5 coming tonight!!