Saturday, August 13, 2011

vignette love: falling for asbury park.

hello friends.
today was an amazing day and as i've had to retire my canon rebel (story coming soon...) it's a perfect time for me to start sharing some our adventures via vignette (my droid's version of instagram).

today we went on a scouting mission to asbury park. it's about 1 hour south of us on the jersey shore (2 by train) and it's the cutest little beach town we've visited in a LONG time.

we took a stroll on the boardwalk... LOVED the art on the old abandoned casino building and the artsy/surfer/vintage vibe of the whole place.

stopped for a fruity drink...

we ate at Langosta Lounge. we shared the Sahtki Tuna Wrap and Pop's Burger which was amazing! grilled pineapple, grilled onion, jalapenos, & chipotle mayo on a cheesy burger... yum!

after that abby and i checked out some surf shops...

and the little waterpark on the boardwalk for kids. we didn't play this time because we needed to get back home BUT i can't wait to take her to it. there is also a cute little playground area right on the beach that's sectioned off for kids. like the beach could get any cooler?

so we actually went down today to look at a couple of potential places. no decisions have been made and we are seriously weighing on the options because the commute would be killer for joey but seriously it was hard not to fall hard for this little lady...

i don't want to share too much and jinx it... we could also totally decide it's just not the right move logically for us right now, but she really does have everything we need. yard, washer/dryer, enough space, garden, established compost area! a little place to call our own and have a real sense of home until we decide where in this crazy country we really do belong permanently.

maybe it's asbury park? little miss seemed to approve of the place...

(not sure what she was telling me at this point but she was very emphatic about it!)

other things i loved about asbury park: concerts at the stone pony, another park about 3 blocks from the place we LOVED, so many consignment/thrift/antique stores as we took a drive on main (really wished we had time for a little thrifting fun for mommy!), so many cute bed & breakfasts for our family to enjoy... oysterfest... lots of seafood, ice cream, tacos, & other tasties...

ok. time to start getting objective! hope you all are having a great weekend so far! tomorrow promises to be a lazy day at home, then a trip to the laundromat (ugh, seriously despise that place)... i'm sure we'll spend the whole time talking about how wonderful it would be to live in a house with a washer & dryer.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

oh, hi august...

hey there.
sorry for the radio silence.

we've been doing a lot of resting, playing, cuddling...

joe's had a few really tough weeks at work and little miss is finally towards the end of the nasal drip. so we've been doing our best to get out of the house and stay in good spirits. not so good for my current project list... but totally fun and worth it anyway!

i have a few posts i'm finishing up on so i'l share those over the week. i'm itching to start knitting again but until i can put away the tissues i'm not bringing out anything i've cast on. there is no way abby will be allowed to use any of my WIP's to wipe her nose!