Friday, February 12, 2010

good grief.

well this is my life this week. a displaced studio that i can basically do nothing about. it's been crazy frustrating to see all of my things in a corner of the nursery waiting to be moved into it's permanent home before i can really get to anything or get some good work done. ugh.

since pretty much all of my projects have been on hold i've basically been cleaning, going through different closets and bins to purge for giveaways, and biding my time until the long weekend with joey. it's been a super annoying week in that respect. on top of that my hip pain has kicked into high gear making nights not so fun.

the bright side of this week:

the snow was pretty great. it wasn't too cold but man the flakes fell and the dogs and i had a lot of fun on our walks playing and digging in the snow (well they were doing the digging). i wish i had an extra hand on walks to take some photos or video because roxy is hilarious running around in circles, burying her nose in it, and trying to annoy crystal. i kinda wish it would snow this weekend so we could all go to the park and play in it. ahh well, we have a ton to do this weekend already.

another good thing this week. i baked a cake a a few cupcakes from the leftover batter. it's devil's food with whipped chocolate frosting. yummy! now i just have to ration it out to myself so i don't eat the whole thing!

so here's to the bright side of life, love, and a full weekend! i hope everyone gets time with their lovers this valentine's day. it's our last as a single couple so it's going to be special!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

big week (so far). big snow (coming soon)?

ahhh. i was doing so good blogging every day. oh well. i've been busy the past few days. i'll catch up tomorrow on my weekly gratitude and as soon as i can get to my scrapbooks i'll share the other pages i did last week.

we had a pretty crazy weekend. we basically decided to totally re-configure the entire apartment. my studio is now our bedroom. we are going to turn what was our bedroom back into a studio (so glad i never finished painting in here, lol). we finished painting the nursery so my little girl's room is totally ready for all of her furniture to arrive! i'm now working on re-designing some ikea storage since we have different needs now. i can't wait to get the new wardrobe for the bedroom. i finally feel like we are going to have a "grown-up" bedroom... separate from the rest of the apartment, that people don't have to walk through, isn't a lounge area for the dogs, and that we can keep the baby in with us at first! it definitely added a few projects i hadn't anticipated to my list but it will be fun. and i still have plenty of time before june 5th.

it's been snowing in most of the north but tomorrow the northeast gets ours... or so they say. it's supposed to start any minute. 12-18inches eek! so glad that my doc appointment was earlier today when it was still in the 40s.

ok that's my little catch up. i'll be 100% back in action once the studio gets set back up and my desk isn't so close to my comfy bed and comfy crystal pup...


Thursday, February 4, 2010

getting scrappy, simply.

been a long time since i just wanted to just sit and drown myself in paper and adhesive. but this week with the cold returning in a big way to the east and a general lack of motivation to do anything that requires standing up... and a still broken sewing machine :( all i've wanted to do is fill up my albums with every picture i took in 2008/2009 that i have yet to really touch.

i've also started using a different process to work on pages. i kinda stole it from miss kc. the days of me staring at a single page for hours wondering what it needs, waiting for that stroke of inspiration, is over, for now. i'm trying to work on several pages at once. figure out little bits at a time, see what really wants to go where, and then move on.

i'm also really enjoying staying simple. my favorite part of scrapbooking as always been titles & photos. my journaling often seems so forced to and not really what i love about my scrapbooks. i know i should be telling the story, etc. but i'm a visual person and i feel telling a story is a lot more than just dates and text.

so i'm enjoying scrapbooking again. scrapbooking for me and what i'd like to see in my own albums... and so far so good.

going to do a fun etsy post a bit later. working on my weekly gratitude as well. this month's prompt/inspiration is: soul!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

almost done.

not with the pregnancy. oh no. i'm at 23 weeks and feeling fantastic but i'm not quite ready to be counting down the wait. still have a million things to do.

just a tiny bit of painting left to do in the nursery. then we can get the crib in there and really figure out what kind of good space i'm working with. i have several ideas of what i want to do for the furniture but i really just want to see the room with her bed in there.

like the color? it's really light and bright in the sun and really calming at night. i'm so glad we decided to do trim all bright white (which means we have to do the hallway because it's annoying me)... it's extra work because this place was only primed in this awful off/white that turned yellowish. but i think it's worth it if we are planning in staying here for at least another year, maybe two. ugh maybe more who knows.

i cannot wait to get the crib into this room. then i can start playing with the sheet sets i'm making and really see how the room comes to life. the experience of designing a nursery so far has been so strange for me. maybe this is the way it is, but i feel this great joy at the idea of creating a room that she will adore. i'm constantly wondering if what inspires me visually will inspire her as well. what colors would put her at ease at night and make her most cheerful in the morning. trying to see the room through her eyes. it's going to be amazing to discover things she likes, what toys excite her, what activities she's drawn to, and what colors and patterns she's attracted to.

i know i probably shouldn't but i'm giving myself the day off from painting the room to do some crafty things today. a bit of cleaning up. i mostly want to sit and scrapbook to be honest. i thought about an event earlier today and opened up some photos from the past 2 years that i really hadn't touched and just feel the urge to relive some good times.


Monday, February 1, 2010

nursery inspiration.

hello monday.

it was a busy weekend trying to get the nursery ready to really start the decorating process. i finally decided on a color (snowdrop if someone wants to head to to look) and got EVERYTHING of our old jwtmedia life out of the room to either sell, pitch, or store in the studio once we get our new ikea fixin's.

i've been painting a little at a time. mostly due to this awful back pain that seems to creep up on me about an hour after starting each time. but i'm pacing myself, not pushing too hard, and should have the whole room finished by wednesday. (minus the top edge that a very tall lovely friend is coming to do for me this weekend.) i'm being way ocd about the paint job in this room which is probably why it will take longer. but i have the "nothing is too perfect for my baby" syndrome right now so it's worth the time.

since the painting is almost done i'm now getting so excited for the actual decorating part of this room. i'm going for a vintage/handmade look with some modern prints and things thrown in. i love the nursery tours on apartment therapy/ohdeedoh when i'm looking for inspiration and diy projects. i thought i'd share a few favorites...

* love the green chest of drawers and the handmade linens here...


*isn't this a sweet room...


*check out the other photos of this room (via source link underneath). this mom has put some of the coolest thrifted/vintage children's toys and art into this nursery.


*another great room to go check out the slideshow on. beautiful color, great wall art, love the cubes with the books and toys... ahh to have more space!


*this room is a patchwork DREAM. if (WHEN) we move into our own home and if my little girl at that point would like something like this i'm at her beck and call. the patchwork wall, the quilts on the baby side, that rose wallpaper. this room has a kid's creative station that is to die for. i probably would go for a different color than pink for the solid walls (maybe a blue or a yellow!!)


* i want a yellow crib. i NEED a yellow crib. finding this room while searching around this weekend maybe made me a little crazy because it is literally the closest thing i've seen to exactly what i want for our little girl.


i probably could have posted a dozen rooms but thought i should stop there. i can't wait to really get things into the space and start making a home for baby taylor. we also really need to decide if we are going to broadcast the name or not because coming up with ways to say "our new baby" "our baby girl" "little t" etc. is getting old when we call her by her name at home. maybe we'll talk about it tonight!

i'm looking forward to a busy but creative week. i'm getting bigger and bigger so the painting has to be done soon or the process will become much more stressful as i'm sitting in a chair while joe is painting critiquing his every roller stroke, lol.