Thursday, May 8, 2008

rich indeed.

We've been in our new place for just over a week now. Still no internet, so I'm forced to come into Chelsea Market to soak up some of the free wireless love. Such a chore coming into this amazing place full of amazing smells, lol. Joey works upstairs so it's really nice to take a quick ride on the NJ/NY Path train to meet up with him. I haven't given into the cupcake/cookie temptations yet. But the sushi lunches from The Lobster Place are amazing (and the fish you can buy is just incredible)!

Spending so much time in Chelsea Market has fueled a major desire to really cook. I'm not the best cook on the planet but having so many really amazing ingredients and farmer's markets around is giving me the bug.

I won't have too long to wait.

After a bit of drama earlier today we now have 100% confirmation that the truck is coming tomorrow and we have the emergency parking signs/permit to boot. We were going to have to wait until Monday but not being able to work on unpacking this weekend with me really started bugging Joey. So tomorrow Joe has the day off, truck comes at noon, and we are good to go!

Which means that in just 24hours I'll have everything for my studio again! I've been doing some major minimalist crafting the past few days. Writing and taking a ton of photos too. Started an anti-journal....

Then realized I only have masking tape... So having my fabric-tac or even a glue stick tomorrow will make me so darn happy.

Also have started getting all my sketches and notes together for decorating the flat... and that's where I need a little help! This is the 360degree view of my new studio. It's a really great room, lots of light, right off the kitchen (I am totally loving the swinging door!)...

The big wall in the second photo between the two windows is going to be a crazy mega-invention. I'm hoping to find someway to make the whole wall a magnetic chalk board. I know, sounds crazy. Some of it may end up being corkboard too... but I really want to find a HUGE piece of metal and then use this stuff...

I want the wall to end up black (and shades of grey). So I'm trying to figure out what the best color would be to paint the rest of the walls. I don't want it crazy bright (like pink or orange), no yellow for sure. I'm thinking a cool tone, like aquas, greens, blues. It's my creative space so I want something inspiring but also calming. A place I can just relax into and create!

So I'd LOVE to see some color swatch ideas if anyone has any suggestions for me!?! I've been staring at my color book for so long that nothing amazing jumps out at me. I'm pretty picky.... so if someone leaves me a color-pick that I end up choosing and using you'll get a pretty cool RAK from me!

All in all life is very rich for Team Taylor. Having no "stuff" has been so enlightening for us and such an eye opener. We have been having a lot of fun just hanging out on our futon pad as a family and dreaming about making our new home the home we really want it to be. We are excited to start decorating and filling our space with form that is totally inspired and works for us!