Thursday, November 12, 2009

news. and back for real.


right about when i blogged last i found out some pretty amazing news. i'm pregnant!

joey and i are so excited to be welcoming our first little taylor into the world next june! i'm 11 weeks and feeling great. (didn't feel so hot at first but things seem to be getting better in the tummy department... lol). needless to say things have been bustling around here with the holidays coming up and this spectacular new blessing in our lives. i'm finishing up another re-design of the apartment to make room for the nursery and am happy to announce that come next spring i'll be a happy crafty stay at home mommy!

unfortunately i have no new pics or anything to share but more will come and i'm working on putting together my preggo journal to fill up as i experience this totally new journey! so stay tuned and i promise i'll be a good blogger again very very soon!