Wednesday, February 11, 2009

no more poladroids.

thank you kc for pointing out the obvious that i totally missed.
hehe. i'll admit it, i was a geek for that program but i've now given it up cold turkey.
for a bit at least.

busy week or so. keep meaning to take photos of some new art but haven't gotten around to it yet. i will. i have an exciting new project out in bklyn that i haven't really shared yet so i thought i'd get on it. my boy drew just got into this phat loft that i'm now working to clean up and re-decorate. it's going to be a process but it's such an amazing space. once it's for real fixed up we are going to be hosting many many events so keep a lookout and if you are in nyc we'd love to have you.

i can't even stress how freakin' amazing this space is so you'll have to see for yourself: loft photos: skizum studios

i'm also revisiting my band fantasy. started forcing joey to learn songs for me. we'll see what happens there. i really have yet to share on my blog (or really even with many friends) that i am an ex-vocalist. i miss the music and find myself putting together dream cover sets and jotting down random lyrics that will probably forever be locked away in my journal. but i'm in nyc and if i was ever to try to make good on my voice lessons and music school it should be now right?

so i think that's all the sharing i'm up for today. things with work are heating up again (yay for a new quarter) so i'm not quite around as much as i was but i'm making good on my one blog post per week minimum. and once i start shopping for the loft i'll have a ton of cool projects to rant about.

peace. love. and cocoa puffs.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

in bklyn we go hard.

have a great sunday.
we are heading out to spend some bklyn design time with some of my favorite peoples.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

little sistv love.

got some layout of the week love at sistv for drew's nyc layout.


i'm on the catwalk too with my good week layout. (thanks ashley wren!!)

just wanted to share.
will do a real blog post tomorrow.
off to do laundry and get into some craftiness tonight.