Monday, December 10, 2007

today i am inspired...

as usual by Anthropologie.

I love Anthropologie and have never lived so close to one! I literally find myself there once a week if not to buy something just to oogle and oogle all of the lovely inspiring goodies that they sell there.

So today I was working on my latest release project for C&T Publishing which are these super cute chipboard petal pots (I'm not allowed to show them yet but this spring they'll be released and I can share)... and I decided to share some of the cutest Anthropologie goodies on my wish list that have totally inspired me lately.

First up... vintage-y owls

I ADORE this lamp and freaked out about it when I saw it for the first time last weekend. It's so pretty. And this little sake set is so cute too. They also have a really sweet little snow owl tea set that would make such a cute gift for any owl lover on your Christmas list. Joey thinks I go a little "owl crazy" sometimes so I try to choose my pieces sparingly and carefully! lol.

One of the newest things I've found at Anthropologie are their kids clothes. They are so gorgeous...

Here are a few more random things I pulled....

Yes, that is cutlery on wallpaper! Amazing and I want it! Yes, it's pretty darn expensive but who needs a completely papers apartment? Not me!

So those are just a few of my favorite things there right now. I didn't even attempt to show you all the clothes I love form there because this would be way too long of a post!

I would love to know of YOUR favorite stores that inspire you! I am forever building up my link lists and would love to check out new eye candy!

Back to work, I'll have more to share soon!


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jadadog said...

ok, I think I'm sending YOU my Christmas wishlist!!!! Lots of inspiration to see here!!!!