Wednesday, June 25, 2008

why not?

So I just got home from work. Was supposed to work until 10pm but they cut my hours to 8. I'm totally cool with that today... hate coming home late and if I miss the 11pm cut-off for the Path train it takes a CRAZY long time to get home b/c the Path goes all the way to Hoboken before Journal Square. CRAZY talk!!

Joey met me after work so we could grab a slice and take the train home together. I love meeting up with him. There's really something about working away from each other (as opposed to working from home like we were in Naples) that makes me so giddy every time I see him walking towards me. I love our new found independence because it makes our time together 100% more amazing.

Had my first celeb sighting this evening too. As we were walking down Bleecker we caught up to Julianne Moore and her friend waiting to cross. She looked really cute in a beige scarf and printed summer dress in browns. LOVE her hair color too... it's not craazy red like it used to be, more of like a dark auburn red. Anyway, we didn't bother her (because when I'm super famous I don't want people to bother me, lol) and as we turned onto Christopher she and her friend continued down Bleecker and that was that....

I don't have anything else really to share. My desk is a mess (a very good sign) and I'm working on a new mini-book for a circle journal over at ScrapJammies. I'm only on call tomorrow so it should be ready to share by tomorrow afternoon. Hope my boxes I ordered from USPS show up!

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Unknown said...

how cool is that ? cant wait to see your create-ness!