Sunday, December 21, 2008

thank you bach.

so although i haven't been crafting lately, i have been hoarding.
a few weeks ago i found a lea pocket score in a used book cart for $1. and knowing that i didn't really want too spend a lot this year on new christmas papers, etc. i thought it would make a great base for my christmas cards.

i've never actually done a homemade card set for christmas. i always wait until the very last second and then pick up a set wherever. this year is different in so many ways... i won't be home with my family. we'll be in a totally new place and be "on our own" in a bigger way. (meaning i don't just help my mom put up ornaments... i have to figure out the whole thing myself!)

so i decided that i would do a very un-ambitious set of 12 christmas cards. they are loosely based on the "12 days of christmas". and they are supremely low tech. i really didn't want to buy any new christmas stuff so i enjoyed just pulling together my own bits. i'll show more of them as they go out to their owners.

today i'm doing more packing, crafting, and listening to the kids slide up and down the gray st. hill. (yes there is a parent, i was very happy to see!)


Cracker Scraps said...

Good to see you blogging again! I'm soooo bad but I do have your CJ safe and sound! I'll get it out to you when things settle down!

Denise Hallett said...

Love ypur cards and can't wait to get mine!!!!!
Talk to you soon. XOXO Mom