Wednesday, March 7, 2012

4th and goal.

it's almost done.
i feel like i've told myself that for the past 6 months.
it's. almost. done.

in case you missed it when i started (like two years ago... ugh) it's the Speckled Shrug pattern found here.

unfortunately, since i am such a crazy tight knitter 2 skeins of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool weren't quite enough. i have just a couple of inches before i start the ribbing. so... when little miss gave me the go ahead to stop after finishing our errands today i added a trip to ac moore.

i found some amazingness in the clearance bins...

i totally fell for the blue/green-ish alpaca blend. it's Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Alpaca Love in Lake (by Red Heart). i have no idea what it's going to be. the Martha Stewart for Lion Brand Merino was "omg this is crazy so cheap that i have to go back for the rest because i'm still obsessing at home about how cheap it was" cheap. i've never used anything the Martha Stewart LB line yet so i'm glad i found it. i picked up the pink and grey (milk glass pink + pewter) because they kind of screamed super cute newborn set to me. isn't 'milk glass pink' like the best color name ever? and it's the perfect name for the color - it's a little more muted/dusty/milky than the picture really shows. (it was SO bright and gorgeous today... and 60 again tomorrow!)

i'm thinking really sweet striped caps for the Martha Stewart... and maybe a matching little toy? i've never used merino for a toy but something smallish with a rattler inside? not the snake. that would be dangerous.

for now i'm tucking away the newest additions to my stash until i finish up the shrug... but that's not all i'm working on. i started my first ripple blanket!

Baby's First Ripple Blanket
based on Chevy Baby Blanket by Vickie Howell
size: 35" x 8.5" (WIP)

this is a product of what i still had leftover in my stash and i'm only buying yarn as i go because i'm kind of over this colorway. i mean... the owl. abby's newborn blanket. i'm actually contemplating recycling abby's first blanket into this one. a big ripple blanket is what i really wanted for her all along but for some reason i decided to learn to knit before learning to crochet. abby's little blanket has some spots that are unravelling because i had no clue what i was doing when i made it. for now i have enough to get a long way into the blanket before i have to make that decision. so we'll see.

so those are the projects i'm working on at the moment. this week little miss + i also made grandpa a birthday card! i took a few pictures of it but i don't want to share until after he gets it. she did A LOT of the work on the card. ♥  

tomorrow is our friday! joey is taking friday off because his mom is coming in for the weekend to visit. i'm taking it as a partial work weekend though because i have two blog events i'm participating in coming up soon. i'll share more info on all of that tomorrow... 



Stacey said...

Look at you! Awesome :)

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