Tuesday, March 13, 2012

knit + crochet design week: technical support

hello there.

i don't have a ton of time today because little miss seems to be having an 'off' day. the time change is catching up with her a teenie tiny bit and so our sleep schedule it just a little wonky. but we're getting through it! 

today's prompt for Knit + Crochet Design Week is technique. i'm so super new to the crochet + knitting world and feel very unqualified at this point to throw my weight around in the technique department. BUT i thought i would share my favorite resources that i turn to whenever i'm in need of a little technical help (which is often!)

i taught myself the basics of knit and crochet using the lion brand learning center. the videos are really clear and i love that they have written instructions to accompany the videos. the lion brand learning center is such a huge resource, there is a stitch finder, information on yarn substitutions, and so many free patterns for all levels of yarncrafting. 

i LOVE this youtube channel and the videos by teresa. it seems like every time i get stuck and search for a technique on youtube 'the art of crochet by teresa' pops up. youtube in general is a great resource there are videos for just about any stitch, pattern, or technique you may need a visual for.

i've already talked a lot about how much i love craftsy. for those of you who haven't taken a peek at this new crafting community DO IT!

i also wanted to share my favorite knit + crochet blogs today but my little miss is almost ready to wake up and she and i need some outside time to shake off our 'spring forward' issues. i've started work on my puffy fish and can't wait to catch back up with knit + crochet design week tomorrow!



Stacey said...

Great resources! Thanks for linking to them... it's always great to share where you get your info :)

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

I love the Lion Brand Stitchfinder, too!

Anonymous said...

love the crochet geek YouTube channel--I was just there earlier today! I haven't spent time on craftsy yet--will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!